• International Political Affairs
  • Department of the Americas
  • The Secretariat General of the League of Arab States seeks to strengthen cooperation with the American countries in various areas, bilaterally and regionally, through the creation of cooperation mechanism and forums that bring together countries of the two regions, such as Arab - South American Summit established in 2005 for the promotion of mutual relations between both sides and the creation of new opportunities for cooperation to serve Arab issues and strengthen the role of the League of Arab States as a regional organization at the international level

  • The Department performs the following functions

      • Following up on the political development in the United States and the stand of its administration towards the Arab issues, and working to support the Arab-American relations.

      • Monitoring the positions of the key actors in the United States, particularly those related to Arab-American relations, and submitting reports, studies and proposals to gain their support for Arab issues.

      • Following up on positions of the United States Congress and its two Houses regarding the key Arab issues and monitoring orientations of the most affecting members therein.

      • Preparing reports and studies on the United States positions regarding regional and international issues of concern to the Arab countries.

      • Organizing visits for Arab and American figures for dialogue and exchange of views on issues of common interest.

      • Convening political and academic seminars on issues relevant to Arab-American relations.

      • Following up on implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between the Secretariat General of the League of Arab States and the US Department of States, signed in 2012.

      • Following up on political developments in Canada and its positions towards the Arab issues, and preparing reports, studies and proposals to develop these positions.

      • Following up on implementation of the recommendations of the Arab-Canadian Relations Seminar held in the Secretariat General in 2010.

      • Following up on the important political events in countries of Latin America through preparing reports, studies and proposals covering the Arab- South American relations.

      • Collecting and analyzing information and data on political stand of South American countries towards the Arab issues, and creating programmes and plans that would develop relations with these countries in light of relevant resolutions of the Council of the League of Arab States.

      • Following up on activities of the Organization of American States and major organizations and groupings in Latin American countries such as (UNASUR), (MERCOSUR), (CAN), (CELAC) and other organizations, and identify ways to develop relations in this regard.

      • Cooperating and coordinating with any Arab or international institution concerned with Arab relations with the United States, Canada and Latin American countries.

      •  Following up on the outcomes and resolutions of the Arab-South American summits, and on implementation of relevant programmes and activities.

      • Following up on the implementation of the Memorandums of Understanding and cooperation agreements signed between the Secretariat General of the League of Arab States and Latin American countries, and working to implement joint projects and activities for cooperation.

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