• Secretary General Office - Press Desk
Department Formation
  • Head of the Office: Minister Plenipotentiary / Mahmoud Afifi, Spokesman for the Secretary General of the League of Arab States

  • Preparation of a daily bulletin containing the most important news and articles published in the Arabic newspapers.

    Preparing a daily journal in English for articles published in major international newspapers.

    Coverage of interviews and conferences of the Secretary-General.

    Preparation of press conferences of the Secretary-General.

    Prepare a periodic evaluation of the press coverage of the Secretary General to monitor the performance of journalists and the image of the university on a continuous basis.

    Issuing the statements and press releases of the Secretary General and circulating them to all Arab Delegates, Foreign Missions and the Media and placing them on the University's website.

    Circulating the Secretary-General's words to the media and placing them on the University's website.

    Contact journalists, photographers, television and agencies.

    Document and record all the Secretary-General's interviews and conferences.

    Disseminate the Secretary-General's interviews and activities to the media with a view to covering them in the media.

    Receive requests for press interviews of the Secretary General from various Arab and international newspapers, agencies and television and to conduct meetings in accordance with the directives of the Secretary General.

    Communicate with Arab and foreign journalists to provide the necessary clarifications.

    Communicate with the translation department at the university to translate press releases, news and news of the Secretary General to ensure that they are delivered as quickly as possible to foreign agencies.

    Preparing a semi-monthly report on the activities of the Secretary-General, which will be circulated to the internal sectors, centers and external missions and will be posted on the University's website, including images and video.

    Preparing a newsletter in Arabic that includes the most important news published on the Arab websites, including social networking sites.

    Preparation of information files related to conferences in which the Secretary General participates and events and personalities important and influential in the Arab and international arenas.

    Monitor and track political analyzes and reactions regarding the performance of the Secretary-General or the University.

    Follow-up the accounts of the Secretary-General on social networking sites (Twitter-Facebook) and feed them information continuously and follow-up reactions and respond when needed.

    Document the activity of the Secretary-General through photography and video. Send photos to journalists and correspondents for publication with the press releases of the Secretary General.

    Prepare a video and companion image of the bi-monthly reports issued by the Department on the activity of the Secretary-General.

    Record and transmit to the Secretary-General television meetings on CD-ROM in order to preserve and document the activities of the Secretary-General.

    Accompanying the Secretary General in his meetings outside the headquarters of the Secretariat.

  • Objectives and Work Axis:

    The Secretary-General has supported the information from all available sources, read, read and audio on a daily basis and around the clock.

    To cover the activity of the Secretary General and to introduce him to the internal and external media, thus contributing to highlighting the role of the League of Arab States.

    To exchange information and build strong relations with the press and media, thus contributing to the continuous flow of information and in the framework of transparency in order to achieve mutual benefit.

    Providing press releases, bulletins and reports issued by the Department to all sectors of the Secretariat, centers and missions, as well as specialized organizations and Arab delegations, with an emphasis on providing them electronically.

Contact us
  • Head of the Office Minister Plenipotentiary / Mahmoud Afifi Members of the Bureau

    Members of the Bureau

    Third Secretary Anisa Mona rapet  info.dept@las.int

    Mr. Mohamed Gharabawi

    Mrs. Amira Mousa

    Mr. Mahmoud Gharabawi

    Mr. Mohamed Youssef

    Mr. Sayed Mahjoub

    Mr. Fatima Halawa  info.dept@las.int

    Mr. Sharafuddin Zubair


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