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  • The Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism

    ​The Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism is affiliated to the League of Arab States. It is comprised of tourism ministers in Arab states.

     Objectives of the Council:

    The primary objective of the council is to advance the tourism sector in Arab countries, with a view to optimising its role in fostering sustainable and comprehensive economic, social, human, cultural, educational, and environmental development. Additionally, the council endeavours to stimulate intra-Arab tourism and enhance the attraction of international tourism to the Arab region.

    The Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism is charged with executing the measures necessary to achieve its objectives, which include:

    1. Endorsing a periodic action plan for the council that aligns with its goals and outlines the strategies required to attain them.
    2. Approving the agenda of its meetings and adopting appropriate decisions on the topics under discussion.
    3. Engaging in discussions on specific, viable topics that are proposed by member states or the secretariat, in keeping with the state's role in tourism activities.
    4. Establishing committees as needed to support the council in fulfilling its objectives, outlining their mandates, and determining their work methods, while also monitoring their activities.
    5. Overseeing the implementation of decisions by reviewing the annual reports submitted by member states regarding their efforts to implement the council's resolutions.
    6. Accepting financial donations and technical assistance from governments or the private sector to support its various activities. 

    The Structure of the Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism:

    The Tourism Department is tasked with the mission of the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism.

    The fundamental system of the Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism

    (Available in Arabic).pdf

  • Affiliates of the Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism

    The Arab Tourism Organisation, being the specialised organisation in various fields of Arab tourism, coordinates and collaborates with the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism in monitoring and implementing the council's decisions, as well as its executive office and technical committees.

    The Transport and Tourism Department (Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism) receives the topics to be studied from various sources, including Arab countries, the Council and its executive office, and organisations and associations related to the Arab tourism sector, such as:

    • The Arab Tourism Organisation
    • The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport
    • The General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers
    • The Arab Organisation for Education, Culture and Science
    • The Arab Union of Tourism Writers
    • Naif Arab University for Security Sciences
    • The World Tourism Organisation


    ​Draft agenda for the 27th session of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism

    (Available in Arabic).pdf

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