Arab Days
30 January
International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People Occupied in 1948
1 February
Arab Women Day
16 February
Arab Sustainability Day
24 February
Arab Tourism Day
25 February
Remembering the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre
27 February
Arab Heritage Day
3 March
Arab Water Day
15 March
Arab Day for Productive Families
16 March
Arab Day for Human Rights
21 March
Arab Poetry Day
21 March
Arab Day for Disaster Risk Reduction
22 March
Anniversary of Establishing the League of Arab States
28 March
Arab Music Day
30 March
Palestinian Land Day
First Friday in April
Orphans Day
4 April
Arabic Manuscript Day
9 April
Remembering the Deir Yassin Massacre
17 April
Palestinian Prisoners’ Day
21 April
Arab Media Day
22 April
Arab Day to Raise Awareness About the Victims of Terrorism in the Arab Region
15 May
Commemorating the Nakba
21 May
Arab Energy Efficiency Day
15 September
Arab Meteorological Day
16 September
Remembering the Sabra and Shatila Massacre
1 October
Arab Child Day
First Monday in October
Arab Housing Day
14 October
Arab Environment Day
17 October
Arab Document Day
2 November
Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration
29 November
International Day Of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
4 December
Arab Expatriate Day
7 December
Arab Family Day
13 December
Arab Day of Persons with Disabilities
21 December
Arab Anti-Corruption Day
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