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  • The Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs

    The Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs was founded in 1980 through Resolution 3927 passed by the Council of the League of Arab States at the foreign ministers' level during its 73rd ordinary session. The Council's primary purpose is to facilitate closer cooperation among Arab countries in the areas of development and social welfare, with a particular focus on bolstering government and civil society initiatives in social programmes and projects.

    The Council assumes the responsibility of endorsing the yearly work plan presented by the executive office, as well as the corresponding proposed budget. Additionally, the Council reviews and approves the executive office's annual report on its activities during the regular session, along with the measures taken to implement its resolutions. The Council establishes dedicated technical committees as necessary and solicits the expertise of specialists, advisors, and specialised entities to conduct research and provide studies on social issues.

    The Council convenes its meetings at the League of Arab States headquarters and may convene in any Arab country by invitation and with the Council's consent. Regular meetings are held annually, and extraordinary meetings or the postponement of regular meetings may occur upon the request of one or more member states, with the approval of at least seven other member states. For a meeting to be valid, two-thirds of the Council's members must be present, and decisions require a three-quarters majority of members in attendance. The Council's presidency rotates among the ministers of development and social affairs from each member state in alphabetical order of their names in the League. The vice president is the minister of social affairs from the member state following the one holding the Council's presidency. If the Council holds a meeting outside of the League headquarters, the presidency will be held by the minister of development and social affairs of the host country, and the vice president will be the minister of development and social affairs from the state holding the Council's presidency.

    The Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs and affiliated entities

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