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  • فيديو تعريفي بنموذج المحاكاة إعداد طلاب المعهد الدولي العالي للإعلام​


What is LAS Model?
  • Vision: Building the capacities of the Arab youth to complete the process of joint Arab action, and starting from the actual reality to make a difference.

    Message: House of Arabs ... the closest and most capable

    The Arab League Simulation Model is one of the most important types of induction and rehabilitation training for young people. It aims at introducing the participating students to the culture and heritage of the Arab League and providing them with information about the organization and its mechanism of action, as well as information about the Joint Arab Action system and the cultures, history and heritage of the Arab nation in general, in addition to enhancing their potential as a prelude to their active participation in the model.

    The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States (the Department of Training and Development of Business Methods) has decided to organize a simulated model for the League of Arab States under its auspices and under its supervision to ensure the circulation of accurate information about the organization, and to familiarize the Arab citizen with the achievements of Joint Arab Action. In addition to benefiting from the proposals and initiatives of youth that are put forward in the model in advancing the process of Joint Arab Action.

    Integrated model objectives:

    To deepen the popular dimension of the League of Arab States, and to create an effective and influential communication between Arab youth and decision-makers and sponsors of the Secretariat, to integrate them into the joint Arab action system.

    To identify the actual reality of the work of the Joint Arab Action system of achievements, difficulties, initiatives and others, and to circulate accurate information and factual facts about the League of Arab States, and to benefit from the outputs of those models (recommendations and initiatives) in support of the joint Arab action system.

    Creating an Arab environment at the universities that will allow for the implementation of the initiatives of the various Secretariat departments related to youth and the ease of finding the target groups for these initiatives.

    To benefit from the diversity of the faculties and students participating in the model from the different universities, to exchange experiences and discuss the pressing issues on the regional and international arena related to the Arab world.

    Enhancing the effeciency of the students participating in the model, in cooperation with the Joint Arab Action institutions and civil society organizations, and the development of their sports, cultural and creative aspects through joint activities organized in the framework of the model, in coordination with the participating universities.

    Stages of the model

    The model consists of several stages, during which the scientific content in the participating universities will be unified. The stages will vary between unified stages and competitive and complementary stages, aiming mainly at introducing the Arab League and graduating a young Arab cadre aware of what is happening in the Arab context.


    The first stage: Qualifying the model in the universities

    The General Secretariat (the Department of Training and Development of Work Methods) shall train the concerned persons. This shall be done before the start of the form by the groups, as follows:
    An introductory program for academic supervisors from universities participating in the two-day model. The program aims to introduce the Arab League and the mechanism of supervising the submission of the scientific material in the form.

    A 4-day leadership development program for students of the model heads to qualify them for their full-time assignments.

    Program of training of trainers in the field of the work of the League of Arab States for students interested in submitting the scientific material in universities, for 5 days.

    The second stage: the launch of the model in universities

    The model is launched in all universities participating in a certain period, and all universities during that stage to organize a lecture on the model,

    In order to introduce students to the stages of the model and the extent to which students benefit from participation, and each university to organize events starting according to its vision and capabilities.

    Registration is open on the form starting from the day of departure, and each university determines the registration period and how to choose the students.

    The Third Stage: Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building

    This phase includes training workshops provided by students who have already been qualified by the Department of Training and Development of Business Methods to transfer knowledge about the Arab League and joint Arab work.

    This stage is for all participants in the university models.  Training programs and interactive activities are also organized for the participating students to achieve the objectives of this stage, namely knowledge of aspects of the work of the Secretariat and joint Arab action and contribute to building the capacity of students.
    These courses include:

    To improve the image and presentation skills of the participants.  

    Preparing and forming task forces, developing negotiation skills, managing debate and managing meetings.

    Training students on practical situations of international and regional negotiations and meetings.

    Build career paths, prepare CVs and other training courses aimed at refining the skills of the participants and raising their abilities and efficiency for the rehabilitation of the labor market, in order to maximize the benefit to the students participating, and prepare a number of students with training experience to take up the stage in each university participating in the model.

    The Fourth Stage: (The Arab Project)

    This phase includes the selection of each university for a topic related to one aspect of the joint Arab action and the submission of a project related to that aspect.

    The project will be implemented in a number of Arab countries, and students will be organized for discussion forums regarding this aspect. One of the most important objectives of the integrated program is to contribute to the presentation of innovative visions as well as the exchange of scientific and technical experiences between the universities participating in the model with each other and with respect to universities that participated in the first model,  to help complete the implementation of projects that were put in the first model.

    The Secretariat is ready to provide the necessary technical support to students through its various departments.

    The Fifth Stage: (Arab House Cup)
    A football tournament will be organized between the participating universities and the employees of the Arab League football team, in order to encourage participants to practice sports in a competitive environment and to discover Arab talent in universities.

    The team should be composed of students participating in the model only. Students outside the form are allowed to participate.

    The Sixth Stage: (Arab Day)

    During the period of the model, the universities wishing to participate in the model will organize a unique cultural and artistic activity for those wishing from the participating  universities, the Day will include an exhibition of Arab products, traditional Arab costumes, various Arab food, and more.

    The exhibition will include a presentation about the Arab world, which will be written, composed and enriched by students, in addition to drawings and works of art of all kinds and forms. The  event aims at disseminating  information on Arab countries and raising the Arab national sense of the students participating in the model.

    The Seventh Stage: (Closing Conference ... Simulation of the Council of the League of Arab States)

    Organizing a simulation of the Council of the League of Arab States, the items of the agenda of the meeting of the topics selected and studied by the universities participating in the model, and during the conference all the results and initiatives that were launched during the Arab project phase in universities will be presented to discuss ways to implement these ideas on the ground to achieve the maximum result to benefit the Joint Arab Action system, which is presented by young people.

    The conference will be attended by deans of the organizing colleges of the model in the participating universities, academic supervisors and a number of students of the model.

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