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  • Department of Asia and Australia and Arab-Asian Cooperation
Department Formation

  •  Strengthening cooperation among the Arab world and Asian States, including regional Asian blocs and organizations.

     Designing key orientations of the collective Arab relations with Asian and Pacific Region countries and organizations, under the auspices of the League of Arab States.

      Creating new mechanism for opening up broader horizons of Arab-Asian cooperation.

     Enhancing communication with the Councils of Arab Ambassadors in Asian States, Australia and countries of the Pacific region, as well as strengthening cooperation with the countries' ambassadors in the headquarter State, in a view to serving fair Arab causes and contributing to the development of joint Arab action.

  • Collecting and categorizing information and data on the political development in Asian and Australian countries, and monitoring their positions towards key Arab causes in light of the provisions of the Charter of the League of Arab States and resolutions of the Council of the League of Arab States at Summit and Ministerial levels, agreements, Memorandums of Understanding and the forums held between the two sides.

    Preparing reports on the political trends of these countries concerning key Arab causes and their reactions concerning various developments on the Arab arena.

    Monitoring and reporting on the developments of Asian States' relations with Israel.

    Seeking to develop collective Arab relations with Asian States, Australia and Pacific group countries, and coordinate with them in international forums in a view to serving Arab interests and causes.

    Communicating with the Asian ambassadors in the headquarter to exchange views on issues of common interest and broaden the scope of cooperation with those countries.

    Strengthening communication with the Councils of Arab Ambassadors in Asian countries, particularly Australia, where the Arab side is seeking to change their voting system to in favor of the Arab issues in conferences, meetings and seminars on the Arab-Asian relations.

    Follow up on the most prominent issues included in the reports submitted by Beijing and New Delhi missions and coordinating with those missions regarding the Arab-China Cooperation Forum and the Arab-India Cooperation Forum.

    Preparing documents within the framework of the Department, for submission to the Council of the League Arab States at Summit and Ministerial level, including: notes, draft resolutions, report on the Secretariat General's Activities between sessions of the Council, Secretary General's report on joint Arab action, and procedures taken to implement the resolutions.

    Preparing for the Secretary-General's meetings with Asian officials, and his visits to Asian countries.


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