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Missions - Targets

    1. Carry out the functions of the secretariat of the Arab Ministerial Council for Electricity and ensure that the council meets its goals.
    2. Strengthen the cooperation and coordination of efforts in the fields of production, transmission and distribution of electricity among Arab States through regulation of Arab policies.
    3. Contribute to achieving the 7th goal (SDG7) concerned with energy by monitoring progress in the field and taking into account the environmental considerations.
    4. Planning and developing studies related to linking member states' networks with the aim of promoting Pan-Arab electricity interconnection projects.
    5. Working to establish the Pan-Arab Electricity Market in cooperation with Arab countries and regional and international institutions.
    6. Support Member States in scaling up their use of renewable energy and energy efficiency and providing the expertise needed to promote the peaceful use of Nuclear Energy by advising best policies for implementation in the framework of the Council's approach to diversify energy sources in the Arab region.
    7. Encouraging the establishment of joint venture projects and to coordinate efforts between Arab States in the field of expertise exchange and training in the energy and electricity sectors.
    8. Enhancing cooperation and coordination channels with Arab, regional and global organizations working in the energy field that celebrate vast experiences.

  • The energy department works to achieve the AMCE's goals and is mandated to plan and execute in coordination with the Arab States, the agenda set forward by the AMCE and implement its decisions. The department also issues guiding frameworks for setting policies and action plans in Arab region and provides sound regional frameworks and policies to assist the Arab States in the implementation of their national policies and platforms for exchanging expertise in the electricity, renewable energy and energy efficiency and peaceful uses of nuclear energy fields through offering the necessary information, developing databases, holding seminars, exhibitions and forums in cooperation with relevant authorities at the Arab, regional and global levels.

    One of the main services that are provided to the Arab States is the support in establishing and updating a comprehensive database. The department values the importance of national, regional and global networking and continuously plans and organizes forums, conferences and symposiums to assist all Member States in coordination with regional and global organizations affiliated with our relevant fields. The department is keen on sustaining the prosperous relations with all Arab organizations and agencies and to build positively on this partnership by developing the mechanisms needed to support all Arab States. The energy department is concerned with the integration between Arab organizations specialized in energy fields in order to develop mechanisms for joint Arab action and provide technical services to Arab countries.

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