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 About Sector

  • The joint Arab economic action gained great interest of Arab States since the establishment of the League of Arab States on 22nd March 1945. Consequently, the Economic and Social Council was established under Article VIII of the Treaty of Joint Defense and  Cooperation between the Member States of the League of Arab States in a view to achieving economic and social purposes of the Arab League. The Sector of Economic Affairs of the League of Arab States undertakes the duties and functions of the Technical Secretariat of the Economic Commission of the Economic and Social Council.

 Sector Targets

  • The Sector aims to achieve the economic objectives set out in the Charter of the League of Arab States, the Joint Defense Treaty and economic cooperation between the Member States of the League of Arab States and the convention concluded within the framework of the League of Arab States, particularly with regard to the following tasks:

    Supervise all economic spheres within joint Arab action and its organizations.

    Develop the general policy of Arab economic and social cooperation and integration, plan the necessary programmes; and follow up on their implementation.

    Develop joint strategies for social and economic Arab action to serve as a basis for planning, implementing and follow-up on all fields of joint Arab economic and social action.

    Prepare the social and economic report, which is presented to the Council of the League of Arab States at Summit level, then is submitted by the Arab League Council at Ministerial Level in its Preparatory Session of the Summit to consider its inclusion in the Summit’s agenda.

    Supervise the performance of specialized Arab organizations based on their Charters, urging them to undertake joint projects, in accordance with the terms approved by the Economic and Social Council.

    Provide guidance to Arab specialized organizations regarding their budgets and systems.

    Follow up on and monitor the Higher Coordination Committee of the joint Arab action and review the reports submitted by the Secretary-General to the Council on the activities and workflow of this Committee.

    Implement the tasks and policies approved by the Council of the League of Arab States at Summit Level in the field of joint Arab economic action.

    Follow up on the implementation of resolutions and policies approved by the Economic and Social Affairs Council and propose agenda items, draft resolutions and recommendations concerning their respective activities, specialized ministerial councils and specialized Arab organizations of the two committees to be presented to the preparatory meeting of the Council.

     Coordinate and cooperate with regional and international institutions on economic cooperation issues.

    Assume the tasks of the Technical Secretariat of the Higher Coordination Committee of the joint Arab action, which holds its meetings under the chairmanship of the Secretary-General, with the participation of more than 33 specialized Arab institutions, and is concerned with pursuing the continuous cooperation, coordination and exchange of expertise between the League of Arab States and its organizations, as well as specialized Arab organizations in order to promote the efficiency of the joint Arab action.

 Sector Missions

  • Achieve Arab economic integration through revitalization of trade movement between Arab States, establish an Arab Customs Union as a step towards an Arab common market, and increase Arab intra-regional investment.

    Complete the infrastructure and ensure all types of connections within Arab countries, such as; transportation, communications, electrical interconnection networks and communication networks, so as to promote and facilitate trade and investment flows in all economic fields.

    Achieve sustainable development; ensure environmental and water protection, and develop policies that provide proper housing for citizens in Arab countries.

    Provide statistics, information and studies on Arab economies, such as; the unified Arab Economic Report published annually in cooperation with the Arab Monetary Fund, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development and the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC).

    Enhance the role of Arab private sector, chambers of commerce, businessmen and civil society aiming to achieve integration in the process of economic and social development in Arab countries.

    Promote and coordinate cooperation in the field of intellectual property to achieve the best interest of Arab countries, and raise awareness of competitiveness as a means to achieve sustainable development.

    Coordinate Arab policies relating to integrated planning of energy and anticipated future needs, and prioritize work programmes thereof, in accordance with global developments in this regard, in addition to strengthen Arab electrical interconnection within Arab States.

    Coordinate cooperation within Arab countries in the fields of tourism and transportation to boost the economic development process and to foster the economic resources in Arab States.

    Follow up on the activities and programmes of Arab organizations and specialized unions and civil society organizations.

    Follow up on Arab and international economic developments, supervise and organize Arab international forums created by the League of Arab States in coordination with other countries and international groups in a view to fostering economic relations and increasing trade and investments thereof.

    Follow up on the Palestinian economy's indicators and performance of the two funds of Al-Aqsa and Intifada for the support of the sumud of the Palestinian people.

Other Agencies

- Arab Parliament

- League Of Arba States Administrative Court

- Investment Court

Arab Mechanisms for Human Rights

- Permanent Arab Commission for Human Rights

- Arab human Rights Commission for the charter

- The arab Parliament Committee on Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Affairs

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