• Legal Affairs
  • Department of Treaties & International Law
Missions - Targets
  • Recording the agreements and memorandums of understanding concluded by the General Secretariat and publishing them on the official website of the League of Arab States.

    Depositing the signing and ratification of treaties and agreements concluded by the League.

    Reviewing memorandums of understanding concluded between the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States and various countries and international and regional organisations.

    Expressing opinion about treaties and agreements.

    Coordinating with the Arab Parliament in areas of common interest.

    Spreading awareness about international humanitarian law in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

    Following up with the United Nations Commission on International Law and the International Court of Justice.

    Carrying out secretarial work for the League's Standing Committee for Legal Affairs and its development teams.

  • The multilateral treaties and agreements that the League of Arab States has concluded are regarded as a main pillar on which is based cooperation between Member States. Hence, the importance of the Department of Treaties and International Law, which deals with the legal aspect of treaties and agreements and participates in their drafting to become an effective foundation for the development of joint Arab action.

    Objectives of the Department of Treaties and International Law:

    Consolidating cooperation between Arab Member States by concluding agreements on various areas of common interest.

    Resolving legal quandaries related to treaties and agreements.


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