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      •  Media Production and International Cooperation Division

      •  Press Center Division

  • Implementing the League of Arab States activities in the fields of propaganda and publishing, as well as making its most important activities public across various media outlets and raising awareness of its principles and objectives in order to achieve progress and development, and issuing periodical bulletins and organizing seminars and conferences in areas of concern to LAS.

    The Department seeks to achieve the following objectives:

      • Coordinating with different Media institutions in Arab countries and coming up with an annual plan for different activities and programmes of the department. 

      • Developing of a platform for the implementation of a joint Arab media action strategy through different activities, programmes and training courses.

      • Updating partnership mechanisms between the League of Arab States, and  regional and international Media related mechanisms.

    • Coordinating and cooperating with all Arab and international media whether written or audio-visual, in publishing League of Arab States news and information material, so as to ensure free flow of transparent and credible information.  

    • Issuing multilingual periodical bulletins of the programmes and activities of the League of Arab States  (Arabic, English and French).

    • Issuing periodical newsletter covering all the programmes and activities of the League of Arab States.

    • Providing different sectors of the League of Arab States with daily information and news of the Secretariat General and feeding them into the electronic website of the Arab League. 

    • Preparing radio and television programmes covering news and activities of the Arab League for the media, through partnership with Arab, regional and international bodies and channels.

      • Reviewing the criteria, terms and procedures concerning the accreditation of media outlets and journalists at the Arab League Secretariat General.

      • Organizing informational conferences and monitoring Arab and international media coverage of the activities of the Secretariat General.

      • Coordinating with the Arab States' media institutions for the development of the joint Arab Media Action Strategy, performing the Arab League's information projects and following up on the implementation of the resolutions of the Council of Arab Ministers of Information.

      • Developing an annual plan of action that includes the programmes, activities, projects and budget necessary for carrying out the Department's mandate.

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