• Social Affairs
  • Department of Civil Society Organisations
Missions - Targets
    • ​Coordinating between civil society organizations, and the related mechanisms and departments of the Secretariat General.
    • Preparing and organizing forums of civil society to be held on the sidelines of the Arab Economic and Social Summit, and all relevant committees of the Civil Society formed thereof from the Economic and Social Council (Committee of Arab Civil Society Institutions, and Standards Committee).
    • Coordinating with departments, different mechanisms and concerned authorities in the League of Arab States and Civil Society in preparing and organizing all forums of civil society held on the sideline of the Arab, Africa, European and  Latin .... etc Summits.
    • Coordinating between Arab Governmental Groups and Civil Society in international forums, meetings and regional workshops.
    • Coordinating between Civil Society organizations and international organizations, in the preparation of meetings and joint workshops in different areas, particularly capacity development.
    • Forming sub-committees of civil society organizations in different areas of Joint Arab Action.
    • Coordinating positions between Governments and  Civil Society, to put priority issues on the international agenda, particularly in social, economic and developmental areas.
    • Developing high-level mechanisms with governments concerned with reforming and implementing programs and action plans related to civil society organizations.
    • Developing mandates of Civil Society Institutions Committee, to establish frameworks for civil society participations. Furthermore, considering the standards included for participation and update of the status in the Economic and Social Council according to the scientific and technical standards of similar international and regional organizations.
    • Directly supervising mandates of the Committee of Civil Society Institutions, and the Working Group committee on  the amendment of standards in cooperation with the Economic and Social Council Secretariat. 
    • Developing the joint Arab strategy with Arab civil society organization and its action plans.
    • Establishing work methodology to implement the strategy through activities, programs of action and  training courses.
    • Reviewing the necessary standards and  conditions with the concerned authorities to grant observer status and other relevant functions of the  Economic and Social Council  and its committees.
    • Updating the mechanisms of partnership between the League of Arab States and Arab civil organizations, and submitting it to the concerned ministerial councils.
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