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 About Sector

  • Since the establishment of the League of Arab States on 22nd March 1945, the Arab States were greatly interested in the joint Arab social development action and the General Department of Social Affairs was the concerned body in this regard. The Social Affairs Sector, consisted of eleven (11) departments covering all the social and developmental aspects of interest to Member States, within the restructuring of the Secretariat General in 2002.  In January 2013, as part of the new restructuring of the Secretariat and with an aim to improving the performance of Social Affairs Sector, the number of departments was reduced to eight (8) Departments and two (2) Units, reflecting the concerns and priorities of the joint Arab social and developmental action.

 Sector Targets

  • The main objective of the Social Affairs Sector is to promote social development across the Arab region, through elaboration and development of Arab and regional strategies and relevant action plans, coordination of Arab visions and positions regarding social issues in international and regional forums in a view to contributing to the achievement of comprehensive development in Arab States.

 Sector Missions

  • The Main Tasks of the Social Affairs Sector

    Drafting of social projects for ordinary Arab Summits and  Economic and Social Development Summits

    Prepares proposed issues submitted to the agenda of the meetings of the League of Arab States Council and the Economic and Social Council.

    Follow up implementation of the resolutions of Arab ordinary and development summits, the Arab League Council  and the Economic and Social Council, in cooperation and coordination with specialized Arab Ministerial Councils and the concerned Arab and international organizations.

    Coordinates with specialized Arab organizations concerned with social and developmental issues with regards to matters submitted to the Social Committee of the Economic and Social Council whose recommendations are duly submitted to the Council to take the necessary resolutions in this regard.  The Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO), the Arab Labor Organization and the Organization of Arab Women are among these concerned organizations.

    Prepares draft agenda for specialized Ministerial Councils working within the scope of the Social Affairs Sector (Social Affairs, Health, Youth and Sports).

    Seeks implementation of all the activities of specialized Ministerial Councils approved by Arab Ministers.

    Drafting of action plans and programmes, in coordination with Member States, to encourage joint Arab social and development action, aiming to improving living standards of Arab citizen and safeguarding their social safety and security.

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