• Ambassador Dr. Saeed Abu Ali

    Assistant Secretary General, Head of The Palestine and Occupied Arab Territories Sector  - League of Arab States

    Dr. Saeed Abdul Rahman Abu Ali

    Brief Biography: 1955 - 2015

    Born: 1955 Jenin - Palestine, as a husband with three daughters and a son

    First: Official functions and functions:

    Minister of Interior 2009 - 6/2014

    Governor of Ramallah and Al - Bireh

    Governor of Nablus 2005 - 2006

    Director of Presidential Affairs, Gaza - Ramallah, 2002-2005

    Director General of the Information Center in the Office of the President, Gaza, 1998-2002

    Director General, Political Section, Office of President "Gaza" 1995-1998

    Advisor to the Palestinian Embassy in Tunis, 1989-1995

    Director of Arab Affairs, Palestinian Planning Center, Office of the President, Tunisia, 1984-1989

    Member of the Permanent Delegation of Palestine to the University of Western States, Tunisia, 1980-1984

    Second Scientific and Academic Degrees:

    Doctorate degree from the Faculty of Law, Tunisian University of Political Science, 1995, and a doctorate from the Faculty of Law, Toulouse University, France, in international organizations in 1992. He obtained a Master of Political Science from the Tunisian University, Faculty of Law, 1989.

    A lawyer and a member of the Palestinian Bar Association.

    In addition to his official positions, he has worked in university teaching and scientific research since 1995 at Palestinian universities: Al-Azhar University, Birzeit University and Al-Quds University. He has a number of papers and participated in national, regional and international conferences.

    He is a professor of public law and political science at Al-Quds University until 2015.

    He joined early national action, practiced political, cultural and social activity, as well as union work in student unions, writers, journalists and lawyers.

    He holds the Order of the Jerusalem Military Star in recognition of his national efforts.

    Email: dr.saidabuali@gmail.com

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