• Ambassador Dr. Qais Khazaal Jawad Al-Azzawi

     Nationality: Iraqi

    PhD in Modern History of the Ottoman Empire and Contemporary Arab Sociology with First Honors from the Sorbonne University, Paris, 4/1993.

    Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab States since 21/4/2019.

    Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the League of Arab States (2010-2014).


    Reich and Psychoanalysis, Beirut Dar al-Hadhatha: 1983 and Cairo: Darafak 2014.

    Contemporary Islamic Thought: Beirut Dar Al Razi 1992.

    The Ottoman Empire: A New Reading of Decadence Factors, Florida: Center for the Study of Islam and the World, 1994.

    From Caliphate to Military Coups: (in French), Paris Favita 1995.

    Arabs and the West on the 21st Century: Paris, Center for Arab and European Studies, 1997.

    The principle of citizenship in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and sectarian country, Baghdad: Islam and democracy 2005.

    Cultural papers: Department of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Baghdad 2005.

    In Culture and Media Freedoms Dar Afaq, Cairo 2014.

    In difference and enlightenment, (Cairo House Horizons, 2015).

    Paris as seen by the Arabs, (jointly) Dar Al-Farabi, Beirut 2016.

    The Army and Power in Ottoman History (Cairo: Alternatives House, 2017).

    The Ottoman Empire from the Caliphate to the Military Coups (Cairo: The National Center for Translation, 2017) Translation from the French Asim Abed Rabbo.

    The ambiguities of the Arabic writings on the Ottoman history (Cairo: Alternatives, 2018).

    Constitution and the free: study and investigation (Cairo: Alternatives House, 2019).  

    Published books:

    Qais al-Azzawi is a diversil​​y educated (Cairo: Dar Afaq, 2014) and second edition 2017.

    Qais Al-Azzawi Arab Culture Knight (Cairo: Alternatives House 2016).

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