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  • The Arab Legal Network website was established on the basis of the decision of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice No. 313 of 30/11/1998. The site was recently developed and updated to enable it to absorb the largest amount of information and legal documents issued by the League of Arab States from bilateral and collective agreements, decisions and other documents and important legal references.

     The aim of the website is to introduce the activities and efforts of the League of Arab States in the field of legal and judicial action and the development of legislative and judicial systems in the Arab countries, in order to unify Arab legislation in line with the tolerant Islamic law and with the religious and cultural foundations of the Arab nation,

    with regards to the promotion of the rule of law, justice, respect for human rights, ensuring the independence of the judiciary and the consolidation of the concepts of good governance as prerequisites for economic, social and human development, as stipulated in the Development and Modernization Document adopted by the Arab leaders at the Tunis Summit in 2004. The site is also considered a window to interact with legal changes in the international arena and defend the issues of the Arab nation and the definition of the rights of Arab citizens within the family and society. The website will cover the activities of the legal bodies and institutions operating within the League of Arab States: the Legal Affairs Department, the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice, the Arab Center for Legal and Judicial Research, the Standing Committee on Legal Affairs, the Permanent Arab Committee on Human Rights, the Administrative Tribunal of the League of Arab States and the Arab Investment Court.

    The Legal Affairs Department welcomes the users of the website and is prepared to receive any comments or suggestions by e-mail. The site is still in the early stages of its development and modernization in the hope that we will be able to provide it with the most information and legal documents to provide the most useful services to the Arab citizen and to researchers, and all those involved in the legal and judicial fields.

Arab Legal Network
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