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  • Holding the Meeting of the Arab Media Excellence Award Committee
    Date: 17/11/2022

    Within the framework of implementing the decision on the Arab Media Excellence Award, issued by the regular round (52) of the Council of the Arab Information Ministers, which was held on 22/09/2022 in Cairo, the General Secretariat (Media and Communication Sector / Department of the Technical Secretariat of the Council of the Arab Information Ministers) organises the meeting of the Arab Media Excellence Award Committee, on 20-21/11/2022, at the headquarters of the League of Arab States.

    This meeting will be held under the chairmanship of the State of Kuwait (the country sponsoring the Award) and with the participation of representatives of the member countries of the Committee, namely: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of Tunisia, the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, the Republic of Iraq, the Lebanese Republic, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the Republic of Yemen.

    In this regard, the Supervisor of the Media and Communication Sector and Assistant Secretary-General, Ambassador Ahmed Rashid Khattabi, explained that the tasks entrusted to this Committee are to choose the field of the next round of the Arab Media Excellence Award and to determine the type of work required, as well as the criteria for selecting the nominated works, in preparation for announcing the Award and opening the door for nominations.

    The Ambassador also referred to the literary and moral value of the Arab Media Excellence Award, stressing the interest of the Council of the Arab Information Ministers and the League of Arab States to grant it to Arab media organisations and media professionals on an annual basis since 2016 in recognition of their achievements and work in the media field with its various components, read, audio, visual and digital, as well as to shed light on distinguished media models in the Arab world.

    He also stressed that the new round of this Award would be the first to witness the granting of prize money to the winners in the categories of the media works competition under the sponsorship of the State of Kuwait, pointing out that this Committee is scheduled to hold its second meeting on arbitration work during next April.

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