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  • Aboul Gheit discusses with Ghassan Salama ways to stop fighting between Libyan parties
    التاريخ: 2019/09/02

    Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary General of the Arab League, received on Monday Mr. Ghassan Salama, the UN envoy in Libya, where they discussed the latest military, security and political developments on the Libyan arena and the efforts exerted to stop the fighting around the capital Tripoli.

    Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary General of the Arab League, received on Monday Mr. Ghassan Salameh, the UN envoy to Libya.

    An official source at the League's General Secretariat said that the meeting witnessed a full agreement of views between Aboul Gheit and Salama on the importance of the Libyan parties immediately starting to reduce the escalation in the field in preparation for reaching a permanent and permanent ceasefire and allowing a return to the political track sponsored by the United Nations as there is no. Any military solution to the Libyan crisis.

    The source added that Aboul Gheit affirmed on the occasion the Arab League's firm position rejecting all forms of external interference in the Libyan affairs, and reiterated the League's commitment to continue its efforts to encourage the Libyan parties to stop military operations and accompany the Libyan brothers in order to reach a comprehensive settlement of the situation in the country. Security, political, economic and humanitarian dimensions.

    The source said that the meeting also discussed the proposals made by Ghassan Salameh before the Security Council on July 29 to resolve the Libyan crisis, especially in connection with the contacts held by the United Nations on the organization of a high-level international meeting involving the concerned countries and regional organizations related to Libya to come up with a unified international vision. On the ways and arrangements for a ceasefire around Tripoli and the resumption of the political process between the Libyan parties.​

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