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  • Arab League condemns attacks on Saudi oil facilities
    التاريخ: 2019/09/14

    The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States condemned in the strongest terms the attacks carried out by Ansar Allah Houthi movement on Saudi oil installations using drones in both Al bqaiq and Khurais oil field. The League considered the attacks a serious escalation not only by the Houthis, but those behind them.

    An official source at the General Secretariat of the League said that the adoption of Houthi militias for such terrorist operations reveals that its decision has become entirely dependent on Tehran, adding that such acts reflect the nature of these terrorist organizations that implement external agendas unrelated to Yemen or its people.

    The source clarified that the  Arab ministers of foreign affairs expressed their full support to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in the face of any threat to them, adding that the cabinet adopted a special resolution regarding the security of maritime passages and energy sources. The Council also condemned the Iranian interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries, considering that the Houthi attacks are one form of these interventions.

    The source added that the Arab League fully supports the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and considers that the aggression against its oil installations is a violation against Arab national security that should be addressed.
    The League also supports all measures taken by the Kingdom to secure its territory in the face of this despicable aggression.​

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