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  • Statement on the visit of Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary General of the League of Arab States to the Republic of Sudan
    التاريخ: 2019/09/17

     Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary General of the League of Arab States, on 17 September 2019, paid a one-day visit to the Republic of Sudan, following the formation of the Sudanese Transitional Governance Structures, the latest of which was the Transitional Government on 8/9/2019.

    ​1.The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, paid a one-day visit to the Republic of Sudan on 17th September 2019, following the formation of the Sudanese Transitional Governing Structures, the latest of which was the Transitional Government on 8/9/2019.

    2. The visit of Aboul Gheit comes three months after his last visit to Khartoum, followed by visits by high-level delegations from the General Secretariat to support Sudan in the process of democratization which is undergoing at this important stage of its history, and the participation of the League in signing as a witness to the Transition Documents to Civil authority at the historic ceremony held in Khartoum on 17 August.

    3. During the visit, the Secretary General met at the Republican Palace in Khartoum, Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah Al Burhan, Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, he also held talks with Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk and Foreign Minister Asmaa Mohammed Abdullah.


    4. At the beginning of his visit, Aboul Gheit renewed congratulations to the Republic of Sudan and its people on the historic achievement realized by signing the Transitional Period Documents between the Transitional Military Council and the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, which led to the assumption of the President and members of the Transitional Sovereign Council, the appointment of the Prime Minister, and the formation of the Transitional Government.

    5. The Secretary-General commended the significant progress made so far towards the implementation of the transitional entitlements, and commended in particular the signing on 11 September 2019 of the "Juba Declaration of Confidence-Building and Preparation for Negotiations" with the Revolutionary Front and other armed movements, which called for the importance of engaging the Arab states and regional and international parties in the peacemaking and peace-building stages, which will open an important chapter in the direction of consolidation of security, stability and sustainable development across the Sudan, and its positive effects extending to the neighboring countries of the Sudan and the region as a whole.

    6. During all meetings held in Khartoum, the Secretary-General affirmed that the Arab League, based on its unwavering commitment to supporting Sudan and standing with all its people and being a witness to the signing of the Transitional Period Documents, will continue its active role in supporting Sudan and the Transitional Governance Structures throughout the transition phase and accompany the Sudanese state and political and civil forces on the national path to complete the rest of the steps, entitlements and programs stipulated in the political agreement and the constitutional document, up to the stage of general elections that will culminate the process of Democrat said the country.

    7. In this context, the Secretary-General added that the League will focus its overall efforts in the coming period on assisting the transitional governance structures to implement the priorities set for the transitional period, especially with regard to achieving comprehensive peace in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan, addressing economic challenges and mobilizing Arab and international support to grow and meet the urgent humanitarian needs of the country and to provide any technical support and advice requested to prepare for the establishment of the permanent constitution and the holding of the constitutional conference.

    8. Aboul Gheit stressed that the League will undertake this role and any other activity requested at the invitation of the Sudanese State, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter VI of the Political Agreement, and based on the relevant decisions adopted by the Council of the League, and in a manner that safeguards the security, stability and territorial integrity of Sudan. He also expressed his keenness to continue to coordinate - to achieve all these objectives - with the United Nations, its regional partner organizations and other parties committed to the success of the transition and the national democratic transition in Sudan.

    9. The Secretary-General highlighted in this regard the unanimous consensus of the League's member states, as demonstrated during the meeting of the League Council at the Ministerial level at its last regular session in Cairo on 10 September 2019 and its resolution on support for peace and development in the Republic of the Sudan, on strengthening the Arab role in support of Sudan in the next phase including:

    Support the efforts and contacts of the Transitional Government with the armed movements in order to complete the peace process.

    Support Sudan's vision on the implementation of the exit strategy of the Joint UN-African Union Mission in Darfur.

    Mobilizing Arab and international support in support of the Sudanese economy, its recovery and relief from its foreign debts and the normalization of its relations with international financial institutions.

    Organizing technical meetings and workshops, in coordination with Arab finance and investment institutions and Joint Arab Action bodies, to support the development process in Sudan.

    Strengthen the role of the joint mechanism between the League and the Government of Sudan to follow up and implement Arab humanitarian and development projects in Darfur and throughout the country.

    Preparing for the expanded Arab conference for reconstruction and supporting development in Sudan during 2020.

    Continue to work with the Sudanese government to remove Sudan from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism.

    10. The Secretary General briefed the President of the Sovereign Transitional Council, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the most important decisions of the recent meeting of the League Council at the ministerial level and the steps being prepared to put forward a number of Arab priorities during the forthcoming work of the United Nations General Assembly. In this regard, he expressed his full confidence that the Republic of Sudan will spare no effort in continuing its active and historical Arab role within the framework of the League of Arab States as an essential pillar of the Joint Arab Action System and Arab National Security as well as being an important bridge in developing the strategic partnership between the Arab world and the African continent.

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