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  • The League of Arab States rejects German campaign of bullying against Palestine
    التاريخ: 2022/08/19

    The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States denounced what they called a German campaign of bullying against Palestine and President Abu Mazen for his use of the term "Holocaust" to describe Israeli crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

    An official source in the General Secretariat decried some German reactions, which they said were unprecedented and lacking a convincing and rational justification. The reaction demonised Palestinians and understated their enormous suffering for decades, turning the victim into the perpetrator and the real culprit – the occupation – into the victim, the source said.

    The source added that it was surprising that the parties, whether in Germany, the UK or other countries, always targetted Palestine and did not pay due attention to the clarification issued by the Palestinian presidency in this regard. This casts a shadow of doubt on the ill intentions of these parties towards the Palestinian cause, its president, and the suffering of its heroic people.

    The source added that the League of Arab States comprehends the heavy weight of the historical legacy on contemporary German governments and the sensitivity associated with the word "Holocaust," noting that they have condemned the heinous crimes associated with it.

    However, this should not become a gateway to score political points against the Palestinian cause and its leader, which contributes not only to obliterating the daily Palestinian suffering from the crimes of the occupation, but also benefitting the occupying power at the expense of the afflicted Palestinian people, the source stated.

    The source concluded that it is crucial for the interests of all parties to quickly put an end to this media and political commotion regarding this issue.

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