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  • Aboul Gheit welcomes implementing agreement on release of kidnapped prisoners in Yemen
    التاريخ: 2023/04/17

    Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, welcomed the successful continuation of the process of exchanging a considerable number of prisoners and abductees between the Yemeni parties. This exchange is in line with the parties' agreement in March of this year.

    The Secretary-General viewed the exchange plan as a positive step towards building confidence and fostering a conducive environment for renewed efforts to extend the truce and establish a comprehensive political framework to resolve the Yemeni crisis through peaceful means. He has expressed his aspiration for this exchange plan to be followed up and bolstered by additional measures in the near future.

    Gamal Roshdy, the official spokesman for the Secretary-General, reported that Mr. Aboul Gheit commended the unwavering efforts of Saudi Arabia in fostering a conducive atmosphere for a political settlement in Yemen. This includes Riyadh's efforts in facilitating the Yemeni parties' agreement, with the Secretary-General expressing his hope that the ordeal of all prisoners and abductees will come to an end soon.

    Furthermore, the successful implementation of the exchange plan for prisoners and abductees is regarded as a positive step towards improving the overall humanitarian conditions in Yemen, which have been marred by prolonged suffering due to the ongoing conflict, affecting millions of people across the country, he added.

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