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  • Aboul Gheit conducts call with Hamdok, former Prime Minister of Sudan
    التاريخ: 2023/04/17

    Gamal Roshdy, the official spokesman for the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, said Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit had a phone conversation with Abdalla Hamdok, the former Prime Minister of Sudan, earlier today. During the call, they exchanged views on the ongoing crisis and explored potential ways to halt the military confrontations.

    Mr. Aboul Gheit conveyed his conviction to Hamdok that overcoming the current perilous crisis necessitates the unification of all components of the political spectrum, including civilians and the military, to work together. He emphasised that the current delicate phase requires prioritising the public interest of the country and transcending narrow political interests, Roshdy added.

    The spokesman further added that during the call, Mr. Aboul Gheit attentively listened to Hamdok's perspective on the situation's developments and concurred with him on the criticality of de-escalation, an immediate cessation of armed hostilities, guaranteeing the safety of the civilian population, and restoring peace. Aboul Gheit emphasised that all issues can be resolved through dialogue.

    Roshdy highlighted that Aboul Gheit has recently been conducting a series of high-level contacts aimed at identifying ways to put a halt to the current military escalation and revive dialogue between the parties in Sudan. These efforts are in line with the Secretary-General's commitment to working closely with the United Nations to address the ongoing crisis in Sudan.

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