• Economic Affairs
  • Department of Housing , Water Resources & Disaster Risk Reduction
Missions - Targets
  • Implement the tasks entrusted to the Department within the general functions of the Economic Sector, in areas of joint Arab action and international action pertinent to environment, housing, water resources and sustainable development.

    Participate in preparation, organization and follow-up on the work of the Economic and Social Council and the Higher Coordinating Committee, in cooperation with the competent Department, as well as prepare and follow up on issues pertinent to the Department concerning the Council of the League of Arab States.

    Undertake the functions of the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers responsible for environmental affairs, the Council of Arab Ministers of Housing and Reconstruction, the Arab Ministerial Council for Water Resources, the Arab Committee for Disasters and Emergency and the Permanent Arab Committee for Meteorology and its subcommittees and task forces.

    Follow up on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Initiative in the Arab Region.

    Follow up on the implementation of the water security strategy in the Arab region to face future challenges to sustainable development.

    Follow up on the implementation of integrated management of water resources.

    Follow up on the implementation of the Arab Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction.

    Organize and prepare for forums, regional and international conferences from the Arab side to determine the unified Arab position and convene Arab coordination meetings during those events.

    Follow up on the implementation of the activities of the Arab environmental action programme and the Arab programme for water resources..

    Organize and hold forums, conferences and meetings in the field of environment, sustainable development, water, housing and natural disasters.

    Issue reports and studies on joint Arab issues on disasters and guidelines about sustainable development, housing and water.

    Follow up on the efforts towards restoring environmental degradation in some Arab States.

    Undertake the tasks of the Secretariat General of the League of Arab States concerning matters related to agriculture, industry, energy and coordinate with the pertinent Arab organizations.

    Coordinate and cooperate with Arab, regional and international organizations in all areas concerning environment, housing, water and sustainable development.

    Coordinate and cooperate with joint Arab action institutions, ministerial councils, regional and Arab unions and international unions and organizations in the fields of environment, housing, water and sustainable development.

    Strengthen coordination and cooperation with States and other regional groups in relevant areas and the Department workflow, in light of the signed conventions.

    Develop an action plan for the Department, prepare its annual work programme and assign the tasks and functions of the Department divisions and its staff.

    Prepare the draft annual budget of the Department and take all the necessary measures for its approval and implementation.

    Organize the administrative work of the Department staff and propose a plan for the annual leave and staff performance appraisal.

    Undertake any other tasks as may be assigned in this regard.

  • • Enhancing cooperation and coordination among the Arab countries in the fields of housing, human settlements, water resources and disaster risk reduction to achieve the = goal of integration among the Arab countries.

    • Unifying the Arab position in regional and international conferences relevant to the department's specifications.

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