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Missions - Targets
  •  Increase the liberalization of communication and information technology in Arab States.

    Develop an appropriate infrastructure and a conductive information technology environment to activate and promote e-commerce.

    Integrate communication networks and reduce communication cost to increase the exchange of data and informational communication within Arab States and to establish convergence between Arab organizations in this regard.

    Build capacities in the field of Communication and Information Technology.

    Provide an access to the Internet.

    Develop and increase the digital Arabic content.

    Protect the intellectual property of digital content.

    Develop a common regional vision for Internet governance that supports Arab States to transform the risks and challenges posed by the Internet to opportunities for development.

    Regulate the frequency spectrum within Arab States and coordinate with competent international institutions in this regard.

    Develop the Arab postal system, establish an Arab postal electronic payment network and provide the feature for interconnecting with the global network of the Universal Postal Union.

    Encourage investments in the Communication and Information Technology Sector and create advanced technology industries.

    The Department also works towards achieving its mission and mandate through the mechanism of the League of Arab States, including the bodies of the Council of Arab Ministers of Communication and Information Technology as follows:

    Arab Summits

    The Council of the League of Arab States

     The Council of Arab Ministers of Communication and Information Technology

    The Executive Office of the Council of Communications and Information Technology

    The Permanent Arab Committee for Communication and Information

    The Permanent Arab Postal Committee

    Task forces of the Arab Permanent Committee for Communication and Information.

    Task forces of the Permanent Arab Postal Committee.

    The Department also cooperates with the following regional and international organizations to help in achieving its mandate:

    The Arab Regional Office of the International Telecommunication Union.

    The Regional Office for the Universal Postal Union.

    The Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States.

    The Arab Satellite Communication Organization (ARABSAT)

    The THURAYA Mobile Satellite Communication Company.

    The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT).

    The Arab Business Forum for Information and Communication Technology (ABFICT).

    The Arab Network for Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Bodies.

    The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia.

    The Arab Information and Communication Technologies (AICTO).

  •  The Department of Communication and Information Technology aims to promote economic, social and cultural interaction among Arab States, to encourage pan Arab cooperation to increase their competitive abilities, to use communication and information technology industries so as to reduce unemployment and increase job opportunities that contribute to developing the knowledge-based economy; known as the intangible economy in a view to achieving sustainable development across the region and bridging the digital gap among Arab States on the one hand, and between Arab States and Western States on the other hand.

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