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  •  The Department of Transport and Tourism

    Representing the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers of Transport and Tourism and Technical Committees and their Working Group.

     Proposing technical issues to be submitted to Ministerial Councils.

    Implementing and follow-up on the Ministerial resolutions issued by the Council of Transport and Tourism.

    Participating in the development of vision and reports, comprehensive economic reports issued by the Economic Affairs Sector of the Secretariat General of the League of Arab States.

    Strengthen Arab cooperation and integration within the Sectors of Transport and Tourism.

    Developing the draft sectoral plans and strategies in the fields of transport and tourism.

    Submitting progress and follow-up reports on the activities of the Department to the Arab Summit and meetings, the Economic and Social Council and the Council of the League of Arab States at Ministerial Level.

    Preparing annual reports on the implementation of road, railways and maritime linkages that connect Arab States, developing and submitting Arab tourism strategy to Ministerial Councils (Transport and Tourism).

    Preparing studies on the approaches to develop both the Transport and Tourism Sectors.

    Developing studies on the consequences of the Arab economic policies on both the Transport and Tourism Sectors.

    Developing draft Arab agreements in both transport and tourism sectors.

    Representing the Arab League Secretariat General and coordinating Arab positions in the relevant Arab and international conferences, meetings and forums.

    Following up on regional and international developments in transport and tourism.

    (transport and tourism)

  • The Department of Transport and Tourism aims to promote Arab cooperation in areas of both transport and tourism, particularly:


     Developing an Arab strategy for Transport and Tourism Department and its plans and programmes that foster inter-relation between Arab countries, facilitating transport and tourism in the Arab region, in cooperation and coordination with specialized Arab organizations and Unions, as experienced bodies in the area of transport and tourism.

    Developing the fields of both transport and tourism and promoting technical efficiency.

    Submitting recommendations to both the Council of Arab Ministers of Transport and tourism on the approaches needed to implement the objectives of the strategy of the joint Arab economic action in transport and tourism, coordinating cooperation within and among these fields and other fields in a view to achieving the objectives of the development plans and developmental integration.

     Coordinating and cooperating within both fields across the Arab region, taking into consideration material and human needs.

     Developing scientific research and practical studies on development of both the transport and tourism fields and periodically exchange statistics and information.

     Developing legislations, regulations and terms of transport and tourism in the Arab world.

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