• Economic Affairs
  • Department of Economic Coordination and Follow-up
Department Formation
  • Mission Statement

    1. Coordination and cooperation with all Departments to ensure non-duplication in relevant topics.

    2.Coordination of various economic topics linked to other relevant topics.

  • Acting as the Economic Commission Technical Secretariat of the Economic and Social Council and the Arab League Council, and representing the operational arm of the Secretariat of the Economic and Social Council, as well as the Secretariat of the Arab League Council Affairs.

    Cooperating with some of the Political Affairs Sector's departments, e.g. the Africa and Arab-African Cooperation, the Americas and the International Organizations departments, as well as the departments of the Economic Affairs Sector in preparation for the following:

    The Economic and Social Council,

    The Council of the League of Arab States at Ministerial Level,

    The Council of the League of Arab States at Summit Level,

    The Committee on Implementation Follow-up of Resolutions,

    The Arab Economic and Social Development Summit,

    The Arab-South American Summit,

    The Arab-Africa Summit,

    The Organization of Islamic Cooperation,

    Meeting of General Cooperation with the United Nations,

    The Economic Commission for Africa,

    Joint Arab Enterprises,

    Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem Funds,

    Meetings of the Board of Governors of the Central Bank,

    The Arab Economic Policy Development Forum established by the Economic and Social Council resolution 2049 of the 95th Ordinary on

    19th February 2015),

    Focal point of the Initiative of HH Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Emir of the State of Kuwait concerning the provision of the necessary financial resources to support and finance small and medium private sector enterprises in the Arab world.

    Preparing the present documents through continued coordination with relevant departments:

    The Secretary-General’s report, explanatory notes, reports of ministerial councils and committees, draft resolutions, Secretary General’s report on joint Arab action and follow up on the implementation of resolutions.

    Coordinating and cooperating with all Departments to ensure non-duplication in relevant topics.

    Coordination of various economic topics.

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