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  • Department of Woman
Missions - Targets
    • Developing regional plans and programmes to promote the conditions of Woman, Family and Childhood in the Arab region.
    • Acting as the technical secretariat for the Arab Woman Committee, the Arab Family Committee, the Arab Childhood Committee, the Committee for the Follow- up of Cessation of Violence Against Children, and the Arab Advisory Committee for Childhood Rights.
    • Following-up on the implementation of the resolutions adopted by the Council of the League of Arab States in the areas of the department's action at Summit and Ministerial levels, and Arab development  economic and social summits, the Economic and Social Council, specialized ministerial councils and high-level conferences, and also following-up with relevant bodies in implementing those resolutions.
    • Preparing international events pertaining to Woman, Family and Childhood at regional level, and developing a joint Arab vision of the standing issues on the agenda of the international forums.
    • Providing technical support in the framework of developing the capacities of women and children in the Member States to contribute to the development of Arab societies.
    • Implementing memorandums of understanding and agreements concluded between the League of Arab States and the United Nations and other international organizations .
    • Submitting and adopting the initiatives on empowerment of woman, enhancement of the family role, and protection of children's rights in the Arab region.
    • Preparing periodic reports on the mandates of the Department, to be submitted to the Council of the League of Arab States and  the Economic and Social Council.
    • Following- up on the implementation of the relevant international and Arab agreements and decisions by Member States, and urging the Non-signatory Arab States of the relevant agreements on Woman, Family and Childhood, to  consider ratifying it.
    • Developing an annual plan of action of the department, including programs and activities supporting issues related to Woman, Family and Childhood.
    • Cooperating and coordinating with regional and international organizations to implement joint projects and programs in the three areas.
    • Providing technical support to Member States in implementing  United Nations and Security Council resolutions, through contribution to the development of strategies and action plans at national level.
    • Preparing periodic reports of the commitment efforts of Member States regarding the implementation of international agreements and decisions, during the  periodic reviews held at international level.
    • Cooperating and coordinating with governmental bodies, ministerial councils, specialized Arab international organizations, the private sector and civil society organizations, in the implementation of the joint activities of the department, as well as uniting the Arab positions in international conferences and forums.
    • Preparing and organizing all activities and events of the department in coordination with the bodies concerned in the Secretariat General, the ministerial councils and the concerned specialized Arab organizations.
    • Participating  in the activities and events organized by the specialized  ministerial councils and the international and regional Arab organizations that are related to the department scope of work.
    • Organizing Arab days related to the department scope of work, as well as international events at regional level.​

    • Achieving Arab solidarity towards issues of Woman, Family and Childhood in the Arab region.
    • Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the international level through the adoption of programs and strategies in the issues of concern to them at the regional level.
    • Providing technical support for the Member States in order to implement the sustainable development agenda 2030, and the objectives for the Empowerment of Woman, the protection of children and the enforcement of their rights, including family support within the international agenda.
    • Coordinating and cooperating in the fields of woman, family and childhood affairs among governmental bodies and mechanisms, Arab and international organizations and specialized ministerial councils.
    • Integrating the issues of Woman, Family and Childhood within plans and priorities of the sustainable development at national and regional levels.
    • Coordinating the joint Arab positions on Woman, Family and Childhood issues in regional and international forums.
    • Achieving gender equality and enforcement of Children's rights  in conformity with their best interests, and the empowerment and support of the family, thus enabling it to fulfill its role at the Arab region.
    • Raising awareness of Woman, Family and Childhood issues in all economic, social, cultural and legal aspects in Member States.

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