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Missions - Targets

    • Working through the Economic and Social Council and the Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs, in coordination with Member States and in cooperation with Arab, international and regional organizations, to address the issues of strengthening the joint role of social responsibility in achieving social development, thus creating awareness necessary for the role of the State in achieving such development, and working to highlight the role of all community forces including the private sector and NGOs in achieving social progress.
    • Contributing with Member States in the formulation of plans and programs to protect the Arab social fabric, and the development of strategies to disseminate the principles of tolerance as an essential catalyst for social development, and to ensure Arab integration on a voluntary basis.
    • Promoting the concepts of social protection by affirming the solidarity role of society forces in protecting its members and groups, drawing up plans to support the role of the state in providing protection to the most vulnerable groups, and formulating the necessary definitions and methods regulating the most appropriate ways of practicing social protection and providing social security for individuals and different groups of the society.
    • Cooperating with Member States in designing social protection systems and finding the best ways to identify priority issues in the provision of social protection and to ensure sustainable livelihoods as the necessary basis for social protection.
    • Supporting the economic trends to meet the fundamental needs of the Arab people, that lead to broaden the productive employment opportunities which is considered the physical basis of social progress, and improve the general welfare of the society, by proposing the necessary programs to the Economic and Social Council, following its adoption by the Council of Arab Ministers for Social Affairs .
    • Supporting economic trends that enable the fulfillment of the basic needs of the Arab people and lead to the expansion of opportunities for productive work, regarded as the material basis for social progress and improvement of the general welfare of society, through proposing the necessary programs at the Economic and Social Council after its approval by the Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs.
    • Contributing with Member States in the development of studies and methods necessary to support the role of the State in the life of society as the main guarantor of the social contract, and support its role of intervention in various areas of socio-economic life, and in particular, its role in correcting imbalances arising from market policies to ensure coherence of the Society and achieve equality among its members.
    • Coordinating with Arab institutions and organizations and UN specialized agencies in monitoring changes in fields of employment, especially in terms of available job opportunities, conditions of work, wages or means of earning, and guarantees related to employment, recruiting and wages earned by workers.​
    • Promoting joint Arab social and developmental work, and unifying Arab positions among UN organizations regarding social affairs, in the interests of the Arab citizen.
    • Strengthening the joint role of social responsibility in achieving the development of society and creating the necessary awareness of the role of the State in achieving social development, and highlighting the role of all forces of society, including the private sector and non-governmental organizations in achieving social progress, thus contributing to the preservation of the Arab social fabric.
    • Strengthening Arab endeavors at implementing international social conventions and covenants, especially the post-2015 development goals, the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as well as supporting social and development policies and providing technical expertise to member states in a way that positively affects the social development of the Arab citizen.
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