• Social Affairs
  • Department of Health & Humanitarian Aid
Missions - Targets
    • Following-up the implementation of resolutions in areas within the department's scope of work, issued by the Council of the Arab Ministers for Health, Arab summits in its ordinary sessions, as well as Arab Developmental Summits: Economic and Social Councils, Economic and Social Development Council, and the League of Arab States Council,  and following-up on the implementation of those resolutions by the relevant bodies (organizations and states).
    • Preparing periodic reports of the work of the Department of Health and Humanitarian Aid,  submitted to the Council of the League of Arab States, the Economic and Social Council and Media Sector. 
    • Coordinating and cooperating with governments, ministerial councils, specialized Arab and international organizations, the private sector and civil society organizations in the implementation of joint activities related to the department scope of work.
    • Preparing and organizing all activities and events of the department in coordination with the bodies concerned in the Secretariat General, the ministerial councils and the relevant specialized Arab organizations.
    • Participating  in the activities and events organized by the specialized  ministerial councils and the Arab, regional and international organizations pertaining to the department scope of work.
    • Performing all the administrative work and preparing budgets related to the department work areas.​
    • Preparing draft agenda and programs of the joint Arab action in the field of Health, in coordination with the Council of Arab Ministers for health.
    • Following-up on the implementation of resolutions and recommendations relevant to Health, undertaken by Councils of the League of Arab States and its committees and bodies, and evaluating its outcomes.
    • Coordinating work and cooperating in the field of Health with governments,  specialized Arab and international organizations and specialized Ministerial Councils.
    • Organizing conferences and forums and attending related events.
    • Acting as the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers for Health, its organs and committees.

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