• Social Affairs
  • Coordination & Follow-Up Unit
  •     Coordination and Follow up Unit shall assume the following:

    • Developing an annual plan for coordination and follow- up in consistent with the strategic objectives of the Sector .
    • Providing technical support to the Sector's departments in the areas of planning, implementation , follow -up and assessment.
    • Preparing the necessary reports of the Assistant Secretary General with the appropriate recommendations to ensure achieving the objectives and programs of the Sector.
    • Any other mandates assigned by the Head of the Sector .​
  •      Coordination and Follow up Unit seeks to achieve the following:

    • Improving the level of technical support services provided to different departments of  the Social Affairs Sector.
    • Coordinating between different Departments of the sector in various fields .
    • Continuously improving work methods adopted in different departments of the Social Affairs Sector.

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