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  • The Department of Human Resources, through its sections listed herein, carries out several tasks.

    (a) General tasks of the department

    Preparing and following up on draft decisions of appointment, termination of service, transfer and dispatch decisions, promotions, bonuses, vacations and penalties.

    Organising employee files and records, preparing schedules and data, following up on social and job changes, and taking actions accordingly.

    Preparing and following up on draft contracts with experts and employees at headquarters, missions and centres.

    Preparing payrolls and bonuses and implementing decisions regarding employees' benefits.

    Preparing the annual staff budget.

    Participating in the responses of the General Secretariat to the reports of the Supreme Auditing Authority concerned with individual affairs.


    (b) Tasks of the department's sections

    Entitlements Section

    Preparing payrolls and bonuses and implementing decisions regarding employees' benefits.

    Preparing the annual staff budget.


    Implementing decisions related to granting bonuses, promotions, settlements, penalties, transfers, appointments and termination of service.

    Supervising the database of League employees.

    Procedures, Contracts and Local Use Section

    Developing job vacancy schedules, participating in the preparation of nomination files for competitions, drafting appointment decisions for new employees and renewal decisions.

    Taking the necessary measures to form the Personnel Affairs Committee, the Employees Association and the Social Security Fund Committee.

    Preparing administrative certificates requested by employees.

    Drafting presentation notes for delegation on official missions and transferring employees from headquarters to missions and vice versa.

    Preparing and renewing experts' contracts in the General Secretariat as per laws and regulations.

    Compiling data of contracted employees in various departments of the General Secretariat.

    Preparing the draft annual budget of experts and contracted employees working in the General Secretariat and in missions and centres.

    Preparing lists of bonuses of employees contracted at the General Secretariat.

    Preparing entitlements of contracted employees and staff in missions and centres whose services are terminated.

    Preparing data for the local staffing of missions and centres.

    Responding to notes, requests and inquiries of missions and centres on topics related to their staff.


    Preparing annual allowances for staff in missions and centres.


    Leaves and Files Section

    Preparing and organising files of permanent and temporary staff, contracted and resident employees in missions and centres. Each file should be classified to include all the employee's documents.

    Organising leave files of employees, following up and preparing leave balance cards, and preparing official documents for leaves.

    Preparing data on employees and following up on changes to this data.

    Following up and recording changes that occur in the social status of employees and ensuring they conform to their documents as per the regulations.

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