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  • السيد/طلبة سلطان

    القائم بالأعمال لإدارة الاتصالات والبريد


    The department is divided into two sections, each undertaking the following tasks:

    The Documents, Archives, and Central Archives Section, which:

    • Ratifies the treaties, agreements, documents, minutes of deposits and contracts, their numbering, registration, documentation and electronic saving.

    • Continuously updates the methods of preserving the League of Arab States' documents, taking into account the political and historical value of these documents, and organising them according to the needs of the General Secretariat and member states.

    • Supervises the restoration of historical documents and saves them in a scientific fashion.

    • Keeps administrative decisions and circulars, both documented and electronic.

    • Ratifies all documents and papers issued by the League of Arab States and its organisations, educational institutions and universities after verifying their authenticity and the validity of signatures.

    • Conducts technical supervision of the General Secretariat's electronic archive by assisting the various internal sectors in organising their files and automating them via the internal network, and ensures quick and easy access to the information in those files by the various internal sectors of the General Secretariat.

    • Supervises the central index of the General Secretariat's files.

    • Organises the circulation of e-mails between the sections of the General Secretariat and external entities. 

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