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  • The Department of Training and Work Development works on improving the performance of employees by organising internal and external training courses in the form of:

    • Internal training and development programmes:

    The department organises training courses related to the work of the General Secretariat and its requirements. After assessing the employees' points of weaknesses the department design courses to meet the training needs of all departments, including the Department of International Cooperation Programme, international law, human rights, mediation, work pressure and time management, report writing, protocol, and etiquette. It also organises joint training programmes with other international organisations.

    • External training programmes:

    The department participates in external training programmes by nominating employees to take part in external courses held outside the country of the headquarters based on the nature, programme and objectives of the course. Participants are selected based on criteria set by the League of Arab States and the candidate's tasks.

    Summer Training Programme:

    - The department holds leadership development programmes, workshops and round table discussions to enhance the participants' negotiation and soft skills.

    - Student camp.

    - Arab Cultural Day

    - Covering student initiatives through organising the Bait Al Arab Youth Forum.

    - Holding elections to choose the Trainees' Spokesperson to help participants learn about democracy and the election process, starting from registration, the use of technology, election campaigns, etc.

    - Organising field training in the sectors of the League of Arab States according to the specialisation of each trainee.

    • Integrated simulation model of the League of Arab States:

    The simulation model is meant to spread knowledge among university students about the achievements of joint Arab action through discussion, negotiation and reaching a compromise on a specific proposal by following the same procedures adopted by the members participating in the decision-making process in the Council of the League of Arab States.

    • World Forums:

    The department selected qualified young people from Arab countries to participate in international forums.

    • Orientation visits:

    The department holds intensive orientation programmes at the headquarters of the General Secretariat to allow the largest number of qualified students to observe closely the critical role the League of Arab States plays.

    The programmes target university students and fresh graduates from various fields, including economics, business administration, political science and engineering. A special programme is designed for engineering students to introduce them to the architectural and engineering features of the League building. The programmes also include lectures on the history of the League, the organisational structure, as well as the role, tasks and goals of the League.

    A panel discussion is held with the participants to answer their questions. The program also included a number of field visits in the General Secretariat, including to the crisis room and the League's private library, in which are displayed the League's photos, documents, manuscripts and recordings in the archive.


    Other tasks:

    1. Expanding the circle of communication and cooperation in the field of internal and external training with diplomatic institutes, universities, regional and international bodies and organisations; organising joint programmes and exchanging experiences; and opening new fields of cooperation with some countries, such as the United States, France, Germany, India, and South Korea.

    2. Organising joint activities with the departments and inviting the secretariat staff to give lectures within the framework of the programmes prepared by the department.

    3. Preparing statistics, data and evaluations on programmes and trainees in terms of participation; writing certificates for participants in training courses; providing training material and proper maintenance of technological equipment.

    4. Coordinating with sectors and departments to nominate candidates for internal and external training programmes; and developing a strategy for selecting candidates and following up on all the procedures related to their participation.

     5. Participating in seminars.

  • The Department of Training and Work Development works on enhancing the performance of employees professionally and administratively, which positively reflects on the role of the League of Arab States and achieves its goals.

    Not only does the training focus on the cognitive and theoretical aspects of the offered programmes, but also on changing the behaviour of employees to increase loyalty in the workplace. This is done by focusing on the following objectives:

    Methods: Providing appropriate scientific methods that enable the trainees to use the knowledge and skills they acquire to develop their performance and improve their awareness of the data and work conditions.

    Experience: Providing the trainees with extensive experiences on the development of their performance by sharing the experiences and expertise of the participants.

    Skills: Providing the trainees with new practical, intellectual and technical work skills and updating them on developments in their field to increase their productivity.

    Knowledge: Giving the trainees scientific, theoretical and philosophical knowledge and enabling them to be informed about developments in their work field.

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