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  • Department of Conference & Headquarters Affairs
Missions - Targets
  • Following up on the maintenance of the headquarters of the General Secretariat, including the operation of electrical appliances and communications equipment.

    Adopting measures to secure the headquarters.

    Preparing a quarterly statement on meetings held by the General Secretariat, joint Arab action institutions and relevant authorities, and meetings in which the General Secretariat participates.

    Taking part in organising meetings held at or by the General Secretariat in coordination with the concerned departments.

    Reserving and preparing halls for meetings at or outside the headquarters in coordination with the concerned authorities.

    Cooperating with the concerned departments to provide meeting requirements, including materials and equipment, such as stationery, and participating in the distribution of documents.

    Securing simultaneous translation devices and their tools -- shorthand, recording, transcribing, transcribing and photocopying -- in cooperation with the concerned departments.

    Ensuring the recording of meetings, and transcribing, printing and delivering the minutes to the concerned departments.

    Saving copies of meeting and conference recordings for reference when needed.

    Organising the exhibitions held by the League of Arab States on joint Arab action in cooperation with the specialised bodies of the General Secretariat and specialised Arab organisations.

    Establishing technical cooperation with the Media Department in the General Secretariat and League missions.

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