• Social Affairs
  • Research & Social Field Surveys Unit
Missions - Targets
  • The Unit reports to the head of the Social Affairs Sector directly and assumes the following mandates:

    1. Preparing and reviewing survey tools according to the needs and specificities of the countries in addition to departments of the social sector.
    2. Reviewing the data processing and tabulation plan and the contents of the primary and final reports of field studies and surveys.
    3. Conducting demographic, health and social research and field studies.
    4. Reviewing the results of the surveys and develop perceptions to be used in making up policies and programs to draw necessary plans for their implementation.
    5. Building-up, updating and developing regional demographic, health and social databases and information systems and linking them to their national counterparts.
    6. Organizing training courses and workshops for employees in ministries, statistical agencies and research centers in the fields of collecting, processing and analyzing population, social and economic data in the Arab countries, especially the most favored countries, in cooperation with research bodies, centers and universities.
    7. Providing consultations and technical support to the social sector departments and at the national level in the field of studies, research, field and social surveys and health in their respective fields.
    8. Establishing and developing a network for media practitioners in the developmental fields to communicate and enhance their abilities to use and disseminate population, health and social data.
    9. Establish a network of experts working in the Unit's areas of work to assist beneficiaries in identifying regional and international experts in these areas.
    10. Establishing and developing an electronic newsletter and a website for the Unit.
    11. Issuing and developing a refereed scientific periodical and linking it to Arab and international documentation centers.
    12. Preparing periodical reports on the Unit's progress, and submit it to the  Specialized Ministerial Councils for social, health, youth and media affairs.      

    1. Providing Ministries of Health and Social Affairs, National Councils for Childhood and Motherhood, research centers and relevant local, national and international organizations with accurate and up-to-date information and indicators for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of maternal and child health and primary health care programs.
    2. Assisting in the development and construction of an integrated family health information system and provide this system with data from the Arab Survey of Family Health.
    3. Enhancing the skills of technicians working in the bodies concerned with the situation of population and family health in general, mothers and children in particular through training in the fields of statistical analysis, project management and evaluation, and the use of computers in data analysis to employ the results in drawing and planning health policies.
    4. Recognizing the prevalence rates of chronic and childhood diseases, and diseases associated with and accompanying pregnancy and childbirth.
    5. Providing a set of indicators to help track the progress towards development goals.
    6. Contributing to the development and documentation of a scientific methodology for the assessment of programs and conditions related to reproductive and family health in the Arab world.

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