• Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries
  • Ambassador / phd. Abdulaziz Mahmoud Buhedma
    Asst.Secretary General
    General Manager Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries
    Asst.Secretary General
    Head of Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries
<January 2022>
  • Operations Department
Department Formation

  • The Operation Department undertakes the following tasks:

    1. Preparing working papers and reports submitted to the Board of Directors on the progress of the technical assistance programmes provided by the Fund.

    2. Implementing the resolutions and recommendations adopted by the Council of the League of Arab States in the field of technical assistance.

    3. Implementing plans and programmes prepared by the Fund.

    4. Organizing field visits to for evaluation of the assistance process and the experts' appraisals, and preparing reports thereof.

    5. Providing scholarships for the African students registered in Arab universities and Institutions, upon request of their countries.

    6. Receiving experts' reports on the implementation of their tasks and the means of its development according to the standards forms prepared by the department.

    7. a survey conducted seeking opinion of governments receiving fund's assistance on implementation programmes and the level of the experts appraisals in accordance with the Agreement and its proposals on increasing the effectiveness of the provided assistance.

    8. Strengthening ongoing relations with the aid beneficiaries, and provide them with the scientific guidance and technical consultations to double the provided technical assistance.

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