• Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries
  • Ambassador / phd. Abdulaziz Mahmoud Buhedma
    Asst.Secretary General
    General Manager Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries
    Asst.Secretary General
    Head of Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries
<January 2022>
About Sector

 About Sector

  • Job tittle        : Director General

    Class             : Assistant Secretary General

    Category       : First 


    Job Description :

    ·        Highest executive function, supervises , takes decisions and helps the Board of directors.


    Responsibilities and duties :

    -      Decision Making according to the board  of Directors General policy.

    -      Planning and preparation of projects.

    -      Implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors.

    -      Preparing and organizing the Board of Directors' meetings.

    -      Writing reports to be presented to the League's council.

    ​Department of  Studies and Research

    1.     Planning projects.

    2.     Receiving Technical Assistance requests.

    3.     Choosing appropriate training  programs.

    4.     Preparing  Memorandum of understandings.

    5.     Gathering data and information about African Countries.


    Operations Department

    1.     Implementation of the Decisions and Recommendations issued by the Board of Directors.

    2.     Implementation of the Fund's plans and programs.

    3.     Managing the choice and dispatch of experts.

    4.     Preparations for the Board of Directors' meetings.

    5.     Management of scholarships.


    Financial and Administrative affairs department

    -      Preparation and implementation of the annual budget project.

    -      Preparing the annual final account report.

    -      Follow up of Bank balances.

    -      Completion and follow up of administrative affairs.

    -      Completion and follow up of human resources affairs. 

 Sector Targets

    • The Objective of the Fund is to provide technical assistance to African countries in the different fields of economic and scientific development. Such objectives are achieved as follows :

      -      Co-ordinating and financing the programs of technical assistance offered by the Arab League Secretariat General and the specialized organizations and institutions. 

      -      Preparing comprehensive studies on development projects in the African countries and providing means for their implementation.

      -      Offering consultancy services, providing experts, and organizing their exchange between Arab and African countries.

      -      Co-ordinating the efforts of African and Arab countries in scientific and technological development and improving their means and methods of production.

      -      Establishing Afro-Arab co-operation in new fields of development.

      -      Developing African technical and administrative skills by providing training programs and scholarships.

      -      Co-operating and co-ordinating with African, Arab and international organizations active in the field of development and technical assistance.

      -      Promoting Arab investments in African projects.


 Sector Missions

    • The Fund is considered the main Arab institution responsible for financing technical programs in the field of human resources development, with the main aim of contributing to African countries' economic development. In this sense, the Fund is different from other funds and financial institutions which provide direct loans and financial assistance.
    • In demonstration of Afro-Arab solidarity, Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries was established. Its' main objective is to  provide African and Arab developing countries with their technical needs of human resources development, assisting them in meeting the challenges of the process of  development. 
    • Since its' establishment, the policies of the Fund have led to tangible achievements in the field of human resources development in Africa, and currently, the Fund is seeking to widen its scope of activities to include new areas of interest for African countries.


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