• Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries
  • Financial and administrative Department
Department Formation

  •     The Department of Administration and Financial undertakes the following tasks:

    1. Preparing the draft annual budget, and follow up on its implementation upon approval.

    2. Preparing the financial statement, and the annual financial report of the Fund.

    3. Follow-up on the settlement of the states' contributions according to its shares in the Fund's budget.

    4. Investing in the fund's money, and seeking to obtain the best possible conditions for increasing its revenues, while maintaining its integrity and safety.

    5. Follow-up, auditing and preparing reports on the situation of banks' balances.

    6. Taking all the financial procedures relating to the Fund.

    7. Completing and follow-up of all the administrative issues related to the Fund.

    8. Fulfilling and follow-up of the employees' affairs concerning the Fund.

    9. Providing all the services needed to the Fund. 

Activities and News
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