• Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries
  • Department of Research and Studies
Department Formation

  • The Department of Research and Studies undertakes the following tasks:

     1. Preparing draft agenda, and Fund programmes to be submitted to the board of directors for ratification, and to take the necessary action for implementing and resuming technical procedures.

    ​2. Receiving requests for technical assistance from requesting countries and organizations, preparing preliminary feasibility studies of based on a special criteria for granting assistance in cooperation with other departments.

    3. Organizing training courses for African countries according to their needs.

    4. Organizing and participating in conferences, meetings and seminars in the field of technical assistance and cooperation.

    5. Developing draft agreements organizing the technical assistance provided by the Fund, according to the resolutions of the Board of Directors.

    6. Collecting data on the size and nature of the technical assistance from its primary and secondary sources, provided by international and regional organizations to the African and Arab countries, based on the objectives of the Fund, and analyzing these data and preparing studies on patterns and programmes of such assistance.

    7. Collecting data and information on the latest economic and social developments, as well as, plans and development  programs of African and Arab countries, and their need for technical assistance, moreover, preparing studies on the same context that are related to the Fund  activities.

    8. Conducting surveys on cultural institutions and organizations, research and training centres and its activities in Africa and the Arab world, thus, seeking available scholarships opportunities  for African trainees in the Arab countries.

    9. Collecting all the all information needed by the Fund to carry out its activities and help in researches presented in forums and seminars.

    10. Preparing surveys for the Arab expertise in various fields of technical assistance that help the Fund in the implementation of its programmes.

    11. Preparing studies on ways of supporting  the Arab-African cooperation in the economic, social and cultural fields.

    12. Preparing studies assigned by the Board of Directors to the Executive Secretariat of the Fund.

    13. Laying the basis that ensure a good selection of experts, by the Fund to serve its developmental objectives in the delegated countries.     

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