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Department Formation
    1. Supporting and  the coordination between, as well as the exchange and partnership with all the institutions concerned with population issues at the Arab level, in an attempt to develop a better and more successful approach in addressing the issues and challenges of population issues in the Arab countries.
    2. Establishing and transferring the demographic knowledge: conception  and methodology in the field of international and regional experiments and  innovations, and the extensive employment of these conceptions and in national and regional Arab population policies.
    3. Contributing to national capacity building, particularly the institutional dimension, (councils and national committees of population), in areas of developing population policies, and youth empowerment with tools, methodologies, skills, data analysis and indicators extracting and ways of using these for the development of the appropriate population policies.
    4. Supporting the specialized, sectoral and regional dialogue, targeted activities, diversifying and updating publishing and media awareness, in order to support the joint Arab action, and political decisions to implement the resolutions of the Arab and international conferences for population and development.
    5. Supporting and developing general and specialized regional databases, and applying its continuous and rapid updates in a direct participation with data makers in the Arab countries, so as to meet the needs of decision makers, researchers and people interested in population, to urgently access accurate and updated data.
    6. Integrating population issues within developmental and sectorial  policies.
    1. Holding the Arab regional conference for population to develop the vision and identify population priorities during the coming phase, as well as to prepare for the Arab participation in the International Conference on Population and Development.
    2. Holding the annual meeting for heads of committees and national population councils, to follow -up on implementation of the recommendations of the Conference on Population and Development in Cairo 2013, as well as tighten coordination, strengthen exchange and dialogue, and adopt the Arab strategy and Plan of Action.
    3. Organizing specialized conferences, scientific seminars and experts meetings to support specialized regional dialogue on population issues and challenges ( youth issues, migration, reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases,  gender perspective, population growth), among decision makers, professionals, and civil society organizations, in support of the joint Arab action and enact political decision in the areas of population and development.
    4. Convening of training sessions and workshops to contribute in national capacity-building in areas of population data analysis and indicator extraction and ways of using them to develop the appropriate population policies.
    5. Conducting research and studies to monitor the Arab demographic reality and outlook its future in terms of its characteristics and dynamics, in order to understand the achievements, risks and challenges and know how to deal with them to activate population policies aiming at achieving sustainable development goals.
    6. Designing and updating population databases.
    7. Supporting and expanding partnerships with Arab and international institutions related to population issues.
    8. Cooperating with the United Nations Fund for Population Agency (UNFPA) on population issues.
    9. Cooperating with the European parties in terms of population policies/ Youth.
    10. Cooperating with other International Institutions.​

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