• Arab Affairs and National Security
  • Arab Mashreq Department
Department Formation

  • Monitoring the developments in East Arab countries, submitting regular reports on latest developments therein, including humanitarian and field developments in countries which are under political crises. Monitoring the international positions in respect of issues and crises in East Arab region; preparing reports on the political orientations of foreign countries and their interference in East Arab countries internal affairs and seeking mobilization of international support to Arab issues and crises.  Preparing the documents of the Department for submission to the Council of the League Arab States at:  Summit, Ministerial and Permanent Delegates Levels.

  • The sector and its different departments has been established in light of the enormous challenges, aggravating crises and regional and international interference in the Arab region, which requires to monitor the frequent developments in the region, to submit initiatives and proposals on ways of enhancing the Arab League's role in the resolution of the Arab crises for preserving the unity and sovereignty of Arab countries, promoting Arab solidarity, realizing Arab interests and safeguarding Arab national security.

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