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 About Sector

  •  The Arab National Security is a priority issue in the agenda of the joint Arab action, due to its importance at the international level. The Sector seeks to define clear objectives and specific tasks to be implemented and achieved, in view of the critical security conditions of the Arab world at the present time. Therefore, the Arab League Secretary-General, Mr. Amr Moussa (2001-2011) sought to the creation of a new structure for a General Department of Military Affairs pursuant to Resolution 106/1 issued on 1st July 2002, which was renamed as the Arab National Security Sector.

    The Sector is composed of 4 Departments:

    Military Department and Security and Peace Council

    The Arab Mashreq

    The Arab Gulf and Yemen Affairs

    North Africa

    The Horn of Africa and Sudan

 Sector Targets

  • Restoring the spirit of Arab national security through implementing its provisions, by convening seminars and conferences to clarify its comprehensive concept.

    Developing Arab mechanism and strategies in all the Arab national security segments to cope with the latest developments and international and regional challenges.

    Coordinating and merging the Arab efforts at both legislative and executive levels to maintain national security and share expertise in this area.

 Sector Missions

  • Supervising the Sector’s departments and divisions; and acts as the Secretariat of the Arab Peace and Security Council, the African Union and the Arab Fund for Military Sports.

    Drafting strategies to safeguard comprehensive Arab national security; and enhancing the Arab capacities in the area of preventive measures in coordination with Arab institutions and relevant sectors and departments of the Secretariat General.

    Proposing appropriate collective measures towards any Member State attacking or threatening any Arab State, as well as towards any foreign aggression or threat against any Member State.

    Presenting proposals for mediation,conciliation, good offices between the Arab disputing parties to achieve peaceful settlement.

    Proposing the necessary mechanism for peacekeeping within Arab countries, as well as forming Arab peacekeeping forces thereof.

    Providing reports and proposals on the Arab national security condition, submitted to the Arab League Council to take the necessary decision in this regard.

    Follow-up on the implementation of the Arab League Council resolutions pertaining to Arab national security.

    Follow-up and participation in the seminars, conferences and meetings pertaining to Arab national security affairs at Arab, regional and international levels.

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