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Department Formation

  • ​​North Africa Department undertakes the following:

    1. Follow-up on the political, economic and social developments in concerned countries.

    2. Preparation of political reports on the latest developments of the concerned Arab countries.

    3. Preparation of explanatory notes and follow-up reports of the implementation of the resolutions adopted by the Arab League Council at summit, ministerial and permanent delegates level, concerning any country included on the agenda of the Council. 

    4.Contribute to proposing and drafting resolutions and statements issued by the Council of the League of Arab States at all Levels.

    5. Implementation of all tasks of the Department assigned by the Secretary-General on issues relevant to countries of concern.

  •  The Department aims to monitor, analyze and follow up developments in North Africa's Arab States, and to submit descriptive and analytical reports to the Secretary-General, Member States (when necessary), and the Council of the League of Arab States at Summit, Ministerial and Permanent Delegates Level,  for the adoption of resolutions or statements in respect of any  affairs to serve the interest of their peoples and support their positions.  

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