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  • Department of Environmental Affairs and Meteorology
Missions - Targets
  • ​The department acts as the technical secretariat for two specialised ministerial councils: the Council of Arab Ministers responsible for environmental affairs; and the Council of Arab Ministers concerned with meteorological and climate affairs. The tasks of the department include following up on the implementation of the decisions of the two councils and their executive offices, submitting periodic reports to the councils and preparing technical studies required for the work of each entity. In addition, the department is responsible for coordinating and cooperating with member states, Arab organisations, specialised Arab ministerial councils, concerned unions and international organisations in the fields of technical cooperation and training, as well as holding scientific seminars.

  • The Department of Environment and Meteorology is concerned with bolstering Arab cooperation in the fields of the environment, meteorology and climate change and developing a comprehensive system for environmental protection. The department is concerned with formulating rules and strategies for protecting the environment and raising Arab public awareness about environmental issues to achieve environmental and developmental integration. The department is also meant to assist in collecting, analysing, and exchanging information and preparing a guide of available Arab expertise in the field of the department.

    The department focuses on enhancing cooperation with international and regional organisations and coordinating Arab positions in international forums on issues of its specialisation, and preparing the sessions of the two concerned ministerial councils and implementing the assignments of Arab summits and Arab councils of concern to the department.

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