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  • Department of the Horn of Africa & Sudan
Missions - Targets
  • I. The Department includes the following:

    Countries under the department's direct concern: Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti and Comoros

    Countries under the department's indirect concern South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya

    The Department works under the Arab League's Council resolutions:

      • Peace and development support in the Republic of Sudan

      • Support efforts towards peace in Somalia

      • Support for the Federal Republic of Comoros

      • Peaceful resolution of Djibouti -Eritrea conflict

    II.  About the new Department

      • The establishment of this department is a part of the Secretary-General's vision to operationalize the Arab League's role in that region of the Arab world, so that the Secretariat General can gradually uphold the Arab commonalities in that region.

      • The Department uses the efforts and expertise of the Secretariat General exerted during the period 2001 – 2011 in the political and humanitarian areas.

    The Secretariat General's efforts in the first half of the second decade (2011-2016) have varied, due to the changes occurred in the countries of concern (as for Sudan: Resolving the Darfur crisis, signing of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur in July 2011, establishment of the State of South Sudan in July 2011 and leaving the African Union as the sole intermediary in Sudan's issues. Somalia Establishment of permanent government and ending the transitional government mandate, returning the United Nations to Mogadishu, and stabilization of the African Union Mission to Somalia. As for Djibouti-Eritrea, the State of Qatar's mediation to settle the boundary dispute, For Comoros, the closure of the Arab League's office in Moroni and ending the insurgency within the island of Anjouan), taking into consideration the unprecedented developments that have undermined stability of many Arab countries.

    • General Objectives
      1. Strengthening the Arab political and development role in the concerned countries, as a priority for the joint Arab action (which are equally important as other pressing issues).
      2. Addressing any conflicts of interest or disputes that may arise in or between States of the region (i.e.  (participation in the African endeavours to resolve the Sudan and South Sudan outstanding issues), (support mediation in the Eritrea-Djibouti border dispute), (reconciliation to address the impacts of the Dadaab camp closure in Kenya and the return of one million Somali refugees to their country and the Somalia-Kenya maritime border).
      3. Launching various initiatives to strengthen joint Arab cooperation and to safeguard Arab interests in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea.
      4. Supporting Arab-Africa coordination (with the African Union and the IGAD) to maximize common interests.


      1. Supporting development efforts in the Republic of Sudan through the joint mechanism composed of the government of Sudan and the Secretariat General, including facilitation of the convening of the Arab conference for reconstruction and development support in Sudan in 2017, and creation of close relation between the Arab League and Sudan to address development challenges in Sudan.  Participating in any international or regional forum in support for national reconciliation efforts in Sudan. 


      1. Strengthening consultation with international and regional organizations and bodies, supporting the efforts exerted for re-establishment the Somali State institutions, supporting national reconciliation, working at the Arab level to prevent disintegration of Somali state and contributing actively in various regional and international efforts.
      2. Supervising and coordinating of joint Arab action to address various humanitarian crises in Somalia (drought, floods, establishment of hospitals and educational buildings).


      1. Supporting development efforts in the Federal Republic of the Comoros and the Republic of Djibouti and assisting in their efforts to disseminate Arabic language and culture.

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