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About Sector

 About Sector

  • Departments Head of Palestine and the Occupied Arab Territories Sector Ambassador Dr. Saied Abu Ali, Assistant Secretary-General. Department of Palestine Affairs, Department of Israeli Affairs, and Department of the Occupied Arab Territories.

    Sections of the Department of Palestine Affairs: Follow-up on Palestinian People, Refugees and the UNRWA  - The Prisoners - Development and Reconstruction - and Follow-up on Jerusalem Affairs.

    Sections of the Department of the Occupied Arab Territories  (Golan and Southern Lebanon -  and Follow-up on the Palestinian Question in the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies).

     Sections of the Department of Israeli Affairs : Follow-up on the Israeli Affairs - Settlements, Israeli Practices and Migration)

 Sector Targets

  • Follow up on Palestinian people's economic, social and educational affairs as well as reconstruction and development issues in the Palestinian territories.

     Follow up on issues of the occupied Arab territories in the Syrian Arab Golan and Southern Lebanon.

    Follow up on the Palestinian refugees' conditions, the services and assistance provided by UNRWA and other Arab and foreign governmental and non-governmental bodies.

    Follow up on the issue of Jerusalem, Israeli violations, judaization process and aggression on Islamic and Christian Holy Places, particularly Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    Follow up on the developments of the Question of Palestine in the international fora

    Monitoring and observing the Israeli internal affairs (political parties and forces, public opinion trends, economic and social affairs and migration issues, ... etc.).

    Follow up on various issues relating to the 1948 Palestinians and Israeli occupation authorities' racist practices against them.

    Consider and evaluate Israeli and Zionist activities in the world.

    Monitor the events regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, coordinate and cooperate with the concerned institutions and scientific research centres in this regard.

    Supervise the Central Bureau for the Boycott of Israel and all matters of  supporting and stimulating the boycott.

    Follow up on the Arab Peace Initiative process in coordination with the concerned Departments.

 Sector Missions

  • Sustaining the question of Palestine live and active at regional and international level.

    Highlighting the developments and all aspects of the Question on Palestine (Jerusalem, the Wall, settlement activity, Intifada, refugees, UNRWA and development) at the political, economic and social levels

    Highlighting all Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian territories in contrary to International legitimacy resolutions.

Other Agencies

- Arab Parliament

- League Of Arba States Administrative Court

- Investment Court

Arab Mechanisms for Human Rights

- Permanent Arab Commission for Human Rights

- Arab human Rights Commission for the charter

- The arab Parliament Committee on Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Affairs

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