• Financial Auditing

 About Sector

  • The Financial Control Sector was founded based on Tunisia Summit Resolution 257 (ordinary session 16) on 23 May 2004. The name of the sector was later changed to the Financial and Administrative Control Sector, and the organisational structure of the General Secretariat was amended.

    The organisational structure of the Financial Control Sector comprises three departments:

    The Assistant Secretary-General

    Administrative Control Department, Inspection Department, Financial Control Department

    Department of Contracts Review and Decisions, Department of Administrative Inspection and Efficiency Reports

    Department of Follow Up on Structural Reform and Performance Development Research, Department of Financial Control.

 Sector Targets

  • The sector is always keen to consult and coordinate with the executive authorities of the General Secretariat to ensure adherence to the observations and proposals made by the sector and the Supreme Authority for General Auditing and the provisions of the administrative and financial regulations. This helps boost and activate the supervisory role of the General Secretariat and the missions and centres of the League abroad to serve the interests of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States.

    The sector is committed to enforcing laws and regulations in the General Secretariat and the decisions of the League Council in this regard.

    It also expresses its opinion honestly and with transparency on the administrative and financial issues that are presented to the sector's departments.

 Sector Missions

  • • Reviewing and auditing the financial procedures at the General Secretariat and the League's offices, centres and missions abroad. The sector monitors the financial and administrative procedures to ensure that financial resources are utilised in a correct and organised fashion. It also monitors spending on budget items and its implementation, ensuring the financial procedures are correct regarding the budget of the General Secretariat, accounts and special funds.

    • The sector also reviews and audits draft administrative decisions and contracts to ensure the application of all administrative systems and regulations of the General Secretariat. The sector expresses its opinion on administrative issues, such as the reports of the sector's departments and detailed data and statistics on the work of each department.

    • Communicating with the supervisory authorities in the Arab countries, given the importance of communication and cooperation between the Financial Control Sector in the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States and the supervisory authorities in the Arab countries to share experiences with member states in the field of auditing, to upgrade the work performance, and to improve the administrative and financial work demanded by the General Secretariat and Member States. This is meant to stay abreast of technological advancements taking place the world over.

    • The Financial Control Sector took part in the preparation and review of some administrative and financial regulations of the missions and centres of the League of Arab States abroad in cooperation with the Human and Financial Resources Sector.

    • The database is crucial in providing all job-related information. The Financial Control Sector focuses on developing the database that includes all information on the employees at the headquarters and the League's missions and centres abroad. In 2010, the data was updated after changes in appointments, termination of services, promotions and other information on permanent and contracted employees at the headquarters and League missions abroad.

    • Administrative and financial inspection of the headquarters of the General Secretariat, including warehouses, printing press, vehicles, library, express withdrawal unit, and Social Security Fund. The inspection committees submitted detailed reports on the results of the inspection to the Secretary-General. The sector follows up on the implementation of the inspection reports with the relevant sectors according to the directives of the Secretary-General and his observations.

    • Administrative inspection of the League's offices, centres and missions abroad, in implementation of League Council Resolution 6982 on 8 September 2008, which "emphasises the important role the Financial Control Sector plays and calls for intensifying inspection visits to the League's offices and missions abroad."

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