• Departments of the Secretary-General’s Cabinet - Department of Protocol
    • The Department undertakes protocol activities that reflect its modus operandi, taking into account that LAS Secretariat Protocol represents the protocol of a regional organization and may to some extent differ from the Foreign Ministry protocol which mainly follows the principle of reciprocity.

    • Protocol Division

    The Division is concerned with the arrangements of meeting halls, in terms of seating order according protocol rules in this regard. It also prepares meetings' banners and the flags, the catering services and organizes TV broadcasting procedures.

    The Division arranges banquets and events in terms of seating order, provides and evaluates catering services and sets the beginning and end of events. It also undertakes hotel reservations for guests participating in meetings and conferences, and arranges with the Public Relations of these hotels to ensure satisfaction of LAS Secretariat guests.

    The Division prepares the Secretary-General's congratulatory letters to their Majesties, Highnesses and Excellencies, Kings, Princes and Presidents of the Arab, Islamic and World States, Foreign Ministers and Senior Officials in all religious events and the New Year.

    It conducts reception procedures (LAS Secretariat - Airport)

    The Division receives LAS Secretariat visitors and delegations participating in Ministerial Meetings whether in Cairo airport or at LAS Secretariat headquarters and helps facilitate their mission.

    The Division also cooperates with the state headquarter with regards to the rules put forward pertaining use of VIP halls at ports and airports, whether at the headquarter state or at the country where the meetings and conferences are organized. It also undertakes reception and departure procedures.

    The Division sees to arrangements of visa procedures.

    It communicates with Arab and foreign embassies to obtain official visas for work or special visas (Tourism) for the Secretariat staff and their second degree relatives, according to established personnel regulations. Although the Division may seem to have a simple task, however, it has intensive responsibility that requires continuous follow-up and close ties with embassies and application of all recent rules, including fixing  appointments prior to embassy appointments.

    The Division undertakes financial procedures. It settles advance payments for the Protocol Department, and expenditures of reception and travel at Cairo Airport, heading to embassies for visas, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for terminating transactions and to hotels for reservations services. It also keeps records of the Secretariat, especially the privileges they obtain, their movements, travel, passports, cars and due monthly allocations.

    The Computer Unit is responsible for preparing and printing all memos to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to the Administration of Passports and immigrations and Nationality, as well as all correspondence for visas, and prepares LAS Secretary-General congratulatory letters.

    Privileges & Immunities Division

    This Division sees to implementation of the provisions of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities signed with related bodies in Egypt ( Headquarters State), and any other agreements of LAS offices abroad. These provisions apply to the LAS Secretariat and its official use, as well as the acquired rights of its staff.

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