• Departments of the Secretary-General’s Cabinet - Department of Information Technology
  • Improving the technical support services provided for the Secretariat General departments; enhancing the technical and technological capacity of the Arab League Sectors; increasing their efficiency and productivity; and developing the Arab League work mechanism.

    1. Developing policies and plans for the automation and enhancement of work mechanism and methods, based on the Secretariat General's requirements, in coordination with LAS sectors and departments.

    2. Creating designs needed for the establishment of new networks, and for the maintenance of the existing intranet linking the sectors, departments and the sub-headquarters.

    3. Daily monitor of the main servers and programmes.

    4. Providing different services to the Arab League centres and missions.

    5. Designing and developing software and applications to help LAS staff  perform their tasks in the headquarters, centres or missions abroad.

    6.  Supervising applications set by or in cooperation with external parties.

    7.  Designing, constructing and supporting various websites of the Secretariat General and summits, as well as the intranet.

    8. Creating the E-Portal of LAS Secretariat General in Arabic and English Languages.

    9. Providing training sessions for LAS staff .

    10. Setting technical specification for computers and accessories bids.

    11. Performing regular or preventive maintenance and repair, including technical back-up and support for the operating system and applications.

    12. Developing technical training plans to enhance efficiency of LAS staff in the field of information and technology.

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